[QUOTE=xXxplosive;1613553]Where does it state HP ammo can't be used for defense in the home or at your business ? HP ammo can also be used for hunting in NJ as in HP slugs for deer and rifle ammo for woodchuck, etc.

I am not a lawyer and do not pretend to understand all NJ gun laws but this was how it was explained to me by a lawyer who does.

If you look at NJ law, there are only a list of exceptions where hollow point may be used, self defense is not a listed exception.

In addition, remember NJ is not a castle doctrine doctrine state, any use of deadly force is subject to interpretation of NJ law. I don't know when the last time you were in NJ, but anytime NJ interprets it's own (or even Federal) gun laws, the gun owner loses out.

Imagine a prosecutor painting a picture of a "home owner equipped with bullets meant to kill and not maim", The Crazy gun owner with killer bullets looking for someone to hurt, is not a theory in this state, it's a probability. NJ government is probably the most anti-handgun state in the entire country.

Think that's too far fetched? Read this NRA outrage of the week

I need a new state of residence...