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Augusta Wal-Mart's Method of Rationing Ammo

This is a discussion on Augusta Wal-Mart's Method of Rationing Ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Walmart here in NC has plenty of ammo....except 380. They haven't had any in months according to salesman. Of course I bought a 380 yesterday ...

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Thread: Augusta Wal-Mart's Method of Rationing Ammo

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    Walmart here in NC has plenty of ammo....except 380. They haven't had any in months according to salesman. Of course I bought a 380 yesterday so my first WWW ended with no purchase I ended up spending $36 for a box of 50 round range rounds at the local gun store and even they only had plinking stuff, no golden saber or powrball.

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    Our WW staff does the same thing. They see someone at the counter and dart off in another direction and act busy. The other way they ration is to only sell you a Max of 2 boxes of any specific ammo...for example: I can buy 2, 100rd, boxes of WWB for my 9mm (200rds total)...but to buy 200 rds in .45 I have to buy 2 boxes of Federal and 2 boxes of Remington...even though they have 20 boxes of ht Federal right there. So to workaround this...I've got to buy 2 boxes...send my wife for 2...then go back after the shift change and buy 2 more. It's a real pain to stock up....but nothing is closer and they still have prices beat by a few bucks.

    To top it off...their staff knows nothing about what they are selling. In fact...last time I was there the kid behind the counter commented "man, I'd like to go buy a gun" I asked if he was over 21..."yes". I told him that should be easy provided he didn't have any felonies.."uh..well, uh" Should he really be working that counter?

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    As much as I dislike ordering stuff I have had good luck finding .380 and other cal
    from cheaper than dirt and some other online suppliers.
    Often I get self defence bullets at close to WW ball ammo prices , sometimes.
    Just have to keep an eye out and check every few days.
    "This is who we are."

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    That happened to me once at one of our local Wal-Marts. Usually there is no one near the ammo. I'll make an attempt to attract an "associate". If no luck I'll go behind the counter and get what I need. The camera is in full view. No one has ever given me static about it.

    Out other (older) store is much better. The folks behind the counter are always helpful and friendly. I'll buy there first.

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    Had something similar happen to me, but after 10 minutes I picked up my phone, called Information and got the phone number for Customer Service Desk in that store.
    When CS answered I informed them that 3 customers had been waiting at the ammo counter for at least ten minutes.
    They apologized and said someone would be right there.
    After another five minutes of waiting, one guy decided he had had enough and left.
    Sooo, I call CS desk again and ask to speak with the store manager.
    Manager gets on the line and I explain that he has customers in Sporting Goods who have been waiting approximately 20 minutes to be helped, and that one had already gotten fed up and left. I also explained that CS said we would be helped and we were not.
    Next thing I know, here comes the manager and two flunkies!
    We were taken care of finally. The manager was apologizing the entire time.

    Next time, I will just pick up the store phone at the ammo desk and do a store-wide page...

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    i pick up the phone at the sporting goods desk...dial "o" and ask for assistance at the sporting goods counter....the page is immediate and i get fast results everytime i do it...which is frequently...other customers waiting generally get a kick out of it and put you at the head of the line when assistance arrives...

    i dont expect a lot at walmart although my locals are pretty good...if they dont make it happen i do...simple...

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    In my local Wal-mart it's no different than buying a R rated movie, walk down the aisle grab a box or two of the 100ct .40S&W set it in with my groceries, it tends to be the only way I'll pick a non self checkout register because I know I'll be ID'ed, they don't log it or anything like with Sudafed, just check to make sure I'm over 18 and ask if I want it in a separate bag. Limit 6 boxes total per day, but as they only stock what I would consider range/practice ammo, and they've always had at least some in stock I'm not too worried about needing to stockpile anything, so a 6box limit isn't that big of a deal for me.

    Glock Certified Armorer

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    I wished the Wal Mart in North Augusta was like that.
    I rather be safe then sorry.
    It's better to have it when you need it. Then need it and dont have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supergrade View Post
    You probably cost that guy his job. If you call and complain no matter how dumb the manager has to talk to them and add a strike against their record. You only get two before you get fired. Over your 19 mins... he probably got stoped by customers.
    It is simple customer service, the employee screwed up and the customer had a right to complain about the service provided. According to the OP he wasn't even apologetic about his absence.

    I work as a waitress, if I screw up badly I expect to be complained about. Yeah, it sucks but I am getting paid to provide a service and if I fail to do my job correctly then it should be pointed out. (Granted, there are exceptions such as how busy you are, if you get stopped by someone, the manager pulls you aside, etc...)

    To the OP, that is ridiculous. I have had so many bad customer service experiences in Wal-Mart that I just stop asking for help. If I need help buying something, I go elsewhere.

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    Wally World's ammo is to expensive, your better off buying on line expecially if you want any JHP ammo for your carry gun's.

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    Speaking of WW and rationing, my local walmart decided to make it a 3 box limit instead of 6. Of course, they decide this when they finally get some JHP in 9mm in stock.

    Quote Originally Posted by REDTAIL View Post
    Wally World's ammo is to expensive, your better off buying on line expecially if you want any JHP ammo for your carry gun's.
    Either it's your Walmart, or you need to start sharing your online resources.

    With shipping and everything, WW prices are unmatched for FMJ (range ammo.) They carry some JHPs, but just Winchester/Remington/Federal.

    The only thing I really need to buy online is 7.62x39mm in 1k cases.

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