Wildcat EDC ?

Wildcat EDC ?

This is a discussion on Wildcat EDC ? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ok I have heard and read the arguements about having rloaded ammo in the event of a shooting. But what if factory ammo is not ...

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Thread: Wildcat EDC ?

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    Wildcat EDC ?

    ok I have heard and read the arguements about having rloaded ammo in the event of a shooting. But what if factory ammo is not available ie 10mm magnum, I believe (could be wrong on these two 9x21 or 9x25 Dillon) what should you do if its the one you feel most comfortable with protecting self/family?
    It something to think about!

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    Shoot whatever you want! 10mmMagnum, .460 S&W, .500 S&W Not for me unless I am out for big game.

    BTW, I am not that recoil sensitive and over the years have fired lots of full power .44magnums (factory and handloads), but will now stick to 9mm, .357, .40S&W and .45ACP when it comes to defense ammo.

    Why not use a .41 or .44 magnum (handguns and ammo are both widely available)???? I would rather carry a less punishing caliber for SD, one that is easier to control, with recoil that allows me to fire a few hundred rounds at the range without turning my hand into jelly. I would also worry a little about penetration with the really high powered "hunting rounds" from those hand cannons.

    As to the implications in a court ??? Wow..Ammo that delivers muzzle energies in the vicinity of the 1000 pound range could be shown to be a little extreme, but that is up to the lawyers not me..



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    Once I get a reload dialed in, I wouldn't have a problem carrying it in my EDC. I've had far fewer failures in reloads (one pistol, one shotshell - both defective primers [the same brands used in factory loads]) than in factory loads (more than a dozen), and I've shot a lot more of the reloads. Reloads can be as good or better than factory loads, both powerwise and accuracywise. I'm checking almost every case for correct powder level, etc. I don't think I can say that for the factory loads.

    As far as legalities, I never load as hot as some SD brands, say Buffalo Bore for instance, as they're not as accurate as my reloads, which I can tune to my individual guns. I doubt any DA could make much of a case against a reload with less power than commercial SD brands. I think a nice .45 230 grn RN chunk of lead would be effective, and can hardly be called "designed to explode and kill."
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