Is 44Special a good CC round

Is 44Special a good CC round

This is a discussion on Is 44Special a good CC round within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm thinking about getting a 44Magnum revolver and carrying 44Specials. Is the 44Special a good round?...

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Thread: Is 44Special a good CC round

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    Is 44Special a good CC round

    I'm thinking about getting a 44Magnum revolver and carrying 44Specials. Is the 44Special a good round?

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    Oh boy..break out the popcorn...

    Seriously will get many opinions on this. FWIW, mine is yes. It's a good compromise between mass and velocity. And not uncomfortable to shoot.
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    I consider it the revolver equivalent of the .45 ACP. Similar bullet weights, similar caliber, similar velocities.
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    I carry a Taurus Titanium 44 spl snubby! I love it! Its light, compact, and well...its a 44 cal.
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    If your "stopping power" beliefs lean toward big chunks of metal at moderate velocities it's good and has been for a hundred or so years. I have carried an old Charter occasionally with Federal's LSWCHP, the only load it liked, and didn't feel even the slightest bit undefended.
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    While the .44 Special is an adequate cartridge & possesses the necessary man- stopping power to stop the action, why waste the buck$ on .44 Special Ammo when simply "downloading" the .44 Mag cartridge to an acceptable level (velocity) will accomplish the same thing. Wrist jarring Rhino Rollers at 1450 fpc are simply not necessary, when a load producing 1100-1150 fpc will do the trick and fill the gap left between the energy produced by the 9mm, .357 Mag,45 ACP, and .44 Special. Both Hornady & Federal manufacture such factory "Defensive Loads" in .44 Mag that also falls within these limits & produce a good "man stopper" without the recoil of full house loads.

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    Simply ... yes.
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    Actually you would probably be better off getting a .44 Special revolver unless you plan to shoot magnums. Most .44 Magnums are huge and not easy to conceal. The only time I carry my S&W 25-5 .45LC 4" is in cold weather, under a heavy coat in a shoulder holster.
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    I carry a charter arms bulldog pug 44 special. I think it is a great CCW.

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    Would enjoy getting my hands on a Charter Bull Dog 44sp as a car carry gun.

    44sp is very capable as a threat stopper.

    A few months ago, when I was looking for a Bull Dog and could not find ammo for it I moved on to 45acp 1911 instead.

    If I could find the right buy on a Bull Dog and a good ammo supply I would buy the Bull Dog and enjoy it.
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    Yes, guaranteed to leave a mark.
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    I regularly pocket carry my Taurus 44 magnum with corbon DPX 44 specials. You just need big enough pockets!!

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    IMO, if I were going to carry the weight/size of a .44mag gun, magazine and rounds, I would load it with low- to mid-power magnum hollow points and train with those.

    The difference? .44spl is about like a fairly weak 9mm (albeit fatter at .429 vs .355), whereas .44mag is well proven to have both sufficient expansion and penetration to take down aggressive two-legged animals.
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    I have a Smith & Wesson .44 Special revolver. It is a fixed sight, six-shot, N-Frame gun with a 5-inch barrel. It is too large for many types of concealed carry but is dandy for home defense use. The .44 Special is one of the very best cartridges for self defense. It throws large, heavy lead. Semi-wadcutter bullets are a good choice.
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