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what's best 9mm short barrel ammo.

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Thread: what's best 9mm short barrel ammo.

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    Speer GoldDot Short Barrel.
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    I love my PDX1 147 grains! I feel completely comfortable with them!!!
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    I believe the 147gr is going to be superior when fired from a shorter barrel because the slower bullet's dwell time leads to a more efficient powder burn and a 147gr bullet is designed to expand at slower velocities (which is what a short barrel gives you) than a lighter weight counterpart. FWIW, I carry 147gr Ranger-Ts in my 3.5" SR9c. I want to get my hands on some 147gr HSTs as well.

    I wouldn't go any lighter than 124gr for a SD role with the exception of the 115gr DPX bullet.

    Quote Originally Posted by jonconsiglio View Post
    I'm guessing he means Winchester's Bonded PDX1. It's a civilian available line and is set to replace the SXT line from my understanding (but that's just what i heard, nothing to back that up). It lacks the talons of the Ranger T-Series line. I'd stick with Ranger T-Series or HST in any caliber and any weight. For 9mm, I like 147 grain and understand (stated by Dr. Roberts if I remember correctly) it's the best choice for the 3.5 or 4" barrel. 124 is a fine choice as well, but 147 loses less velocity on impact where higher velocity, lighter rounds lose more on impact, part of the reason for the higher (and misunderstood) muzzle energy.
    In my observations I believe a PDX1 is simply a bonded Ranger-T or SXT (which is the generation of the 'Black Talon' that predates the Ranger-T). An expanded PDX1 does have visible talons although they are bonded to the lead core and don't stick out. Think of these as a politically correct Ranger-T. Because they are politically correct, they are packed into expensive 20 round boxes and marketed to civilians.

    There are 2 types of SXT. There's the 'real' L.E. SXT which does have the talons, but is obsolete and has been replaced by the Ranger-T. The expansion reliability and expansion of the Ranger-T is superior to the SXT due to a larger hollow point cavity although they look virtually identical when fully expanded. The L.E. SXT was refined into the Ranger-T. The Ranger-T has 6 petals. This video shows the ammo before and at the end it shows an expanded Ranger-T. Jug test - 147 Gr. Ranger-T Series 9mm Luger - YouTube

    The second type of SXT is the civilian version which only shares the name. It is known as the SXT "Supreme". It comes in 20 round boxes. The hollow point looks nothing like the L.E. SXT and the only thing they have in common is the similar name. The SXT Supreme has 8 'petals'. Here's a nice test of the SXT Supreme: AT1 - 9mm Luger - Winchester SXT 147 Gr JHP - YouTube I would never carry the SXT Supreme. It is over priced garbage compared to the real thing.

    Once the name Black Talon was not politically correct, the name changed to SXT which meant "Same eXact Thing". The SXT marketed to civilians meant "Supreme eXpansion Technology". Very different bullets.

    I hope you all enjoyed my lecture on SXTs although the L.E. SXT design is obsolete by now and should be moved to your SHTF/zombie stash and replaced with a newer and better round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuda66 View Post
    Winchester actually recommends their 147gr Ranger-T in short barrels. I'd be plenty confident in them.
    Tried two boxes of them in my 9mm Colt Defender and they jammed every few rounds. Must be something to do with the design or length. I mainly use Hornady FTX as they have a polymer insert and feed like ball ammo yet expand all the time. Very low recoil. Also use Speer Gold Dot +P short barrel on occassion but the Hornady have less recoil and I am able to control it more.

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    Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel

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    The only "short barrel" ammunition I have any experience with is Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel. I have them in a few different calibers, and they are accurate and function flawlessly. I am certainly open to learning about others. I will read the article and also take in all the comments here.

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    With the SR9c, I've found that it doesn't like lead-nose HP ammo very much and occasionally hangs with it. Corbon DPX and this round by Winchester run flawlessly.
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    I chrongraphed REM 147 grain Golden Sabers in my Walther PPS (3.2” barrel). With the ammo at 34 degrees it chronographed 50FPS slower than the REM advertised velocity out of a 4” barrels. Pretty minimal velocity loss, even with the lower ammo temp.

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    Everyone will have their favorites/preferred, and what THEY feel is best. I prefer Hornady Critical Defense...it shoots very well in my Nano, and is what I am comfortable and confident in carrying.

    Grab a few boxes of various brands, run them through your rig, and decide based on what feeds well every time, is accurate, and what makes you feel the best in your weapon.

    At the end of the day, having the weapon with you to defend yourself while properly trained and proficient in its use is the best ammo you could possibly have....

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    +1 for SigFan. In spending lots of time, now retired from a 42+ yr LEO career with a FA Instructor Tab for 35% of it and almost the same time as a reloader/shooter-caliber in the most practical defense rounds-9mm/38/357/40/45 given the choosing of high performance loads(HPs!) you can't really go wrong with any of them. The issue comes down to gun control. A small framed shooter can be just as well served with a good 38/9mm JHP as an experienced shooter like me who shoots 100 scores in LEO quals from a 3" Para WartHog loaded with Fed 230+P TActical LE Only loads. There is excellent ammo out now for all the "proper" calibers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattInFla View Post
    Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel.

    Made for the task, as it were.

    I have seen a few ballistic tests and from what I can see the short barrel flowers better in the short barrel guns than regular ammo.

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    When it comes to 9mm performance in short barreled I really like the Winchester 147 gr. PDX JHPs.
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