Federal Hydra-Shok Tactical .45acp

Federal Hydra-Shok Tactical .45acp

This is a discussion on Federal Hydra-Shok Tactical .45acp within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, I just bought some in 185gr +P and 230gr (standard pressure). I haven't really kept up with the latest on new .45 ammo. What ...

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Thread: Federal Hydra-Shok Tactical .45acp

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    Federal Hydra-Shok Tactical .45acp


    I just bought some in 185gr +P and 230gr (standard pressure). I haven't really kept up with the latest on new .45 ammo. What are your opinions on these defensive loads? Thanks
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    I think you're good to go. If that doesn't do it, nothing will.
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    Hydra shok is outdated and more likely to plug up and behave like a FMJ than newer bullet designs.

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    I have used Hydra-shok for years and no complaints on anything I used it for. That being said, I recently(last 2yrs) switched to HST +P for duty loads in my full size 1911. In my off-duty Glock 36, I still carry the older Hydras because: 1. They are free(department gave them to me to clear room for new ammo), 2. In my G36, they seem to shoot softer then the +P loaded HST.
    I think you'll get good results from your Hydras, at least I always have.....

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    Hydra-Shoks have been putting bad guys down for years, and for the longest time were the most advanced hollowpoint on the market. Yeah, there's newer and better designs out there now, but I still wouldn't have a problem carrying them if it was my only option.

    I used to carry 147 grain hydrashoks in my old Ruger P95 on duty, and had absolutely no doubts about their lethality 14 years ago. The human body hasn't exactly changed in that little space of time. Well, ok, mine has, it's gotten a whole lot softer and rounder...
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    nothing wrong with them. good ammo. i use it in several different cals. it is all so issue ammo at where i work. so don't worry, it will do the job.
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    Try not to use it good luck if you have no other choice... it'll definately get the job done.
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