FRANGIBLE ~ The Bismuth Cartridge Co.

FRANGIBLE ~ The Bismuth Cartridge Co.

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Thread: FRANGIBLE ~ The Bismuth Cartridge Co.

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    Post FRANGIBLE ~ The Bismuth Cartridge Co.

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    Reduced Hazard Ammunition.

    At the heart of this unique product is a core of pure Bismuth that is first cast, then swaged and finally plated with a jacket of pure copper. The copper jacket assures smoother feeding and less barrel and magazine fouling than other frangible ammunition. Using the patented Bismuth core allows us to better approximate the weight, point of impact and felt recoil of conventional lead core projectiles. The Bismuth core fragments into dust when shot into mild steel. Combined together, they provide the best, most reliable frangible bullet on the market with little or no back splatter.

    Bismuth Reduced Hazard Ammunition is an ideal duty round for use in high-risk environments such as nuclear, biological, chemical hazard, precious cargo areas and personal defense applications where ricochet and over penetration pose a hazard.
    Now, with Bismuth, your lead free training round becomes your duty round.

    Due to the area that I work in & live in I feel that I have a real need for a "reduced threat of ricochet" carry option handgun cartridge in .45acp.
    So...I am always searching for new and innovative frangible ammunition types.
    This one does not seem to have any overly dramatic Black Helicopter Hype & Ninja Killer Black Hood Graphics associated with the product.
    Anyone actually using it? ~ Tried It? ~ tested It?
    Let us know.

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    Interesting to see that they are maintaining ''normal'' type bullet weights - thought they might be very light. FPS and energy figures look good too - so well worth some interest methinks.

    Sure would like some extra practical feedback (calling Steve Camp )
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    sounds intresting. Wonder how much it will cost? I know the bismuth shotshells are way up there in price for waterfowling.
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    I've never tried it, but I was watching an episode on the History channel and they previewed some Frangible ammo which they shot at a beef roast, it was either a ,40S&W or .45acp, anyway it destroyed the roast without going through it. They also said that the military will adopt it by 2008. Very impressive ammo.

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    There are already good frangible rounds out there (Glaser is one). If this is cheaper than the normal cost for the Glaser type rounds, it might be worth it.

    The .45's, at least, are loaded to about the +P level considering the muzzle velocity.
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    This One Actually Looks Pretty Good.

    Right now I carry two spare mags & one stoked with GLASER

    At the time Glaser was about the best/reliable frangible whatever.

    The times they are a'changin' though & lots of new bullet configurations are entering into the marketplace spurred on by the "Air Marshall" & Homeland Security specialized bullet needs.

    As some of you are aware most of the older dept stores, banks, buildings in (and around) PGH are old style construction. Lots of marble, granite, brick, concrete, tile & stone floors, cobblestone streets etc.
    Also my neighborhood business district is highly congested, very populated, & compact.

    An unwanted inadvertent ricochet would not be a good thing in my area.

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    Kind of looks like the "green" ammo that was loaded by a company in Canada and then bought out by WInchester, Their selling point true or not was that it was used by the Isreali air marshall types, it is nice ammo we tried it for awhile on the range,, you could stand with in 4 to 5 feet of steel poppers and it would back splash, but turn at the same distance and it would bore a hole into a 4x4 post,,

    For practice if worried about lead build up mite be worth the effort, but IMO for "SD" carry junk like Glaser/ Magsafe and this stuff is better left in the box ,stick with "HP"

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