WWB "personal protection" JHP's,are these sub standard quality?

WWB "personal protection" JHP's,are these sub standard quality?

This is a discussion on WWB "personal protection" JHP's,are these sub standard quality? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone here have any experience with these JHP's in 45acp? I've read that the Winchester white box ammo isn't made to the same quality ...

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Thread: WWB "personal protection" JHP's,are these sub standard quality?

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    WWB "personal protection" JHP's,are these sub standard quality?

    Does anyone here have any experience with these JHP's in 45acp? I've read that the Winchester white box ammo isn't made to the same quality standards as other JHP ammo hence the lower price is this true?
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    I used to buy it and load it. What I read was that it is an older bullet design and is more prone to case separation than a lot of the modern bullets. I ran a few hundred of them through my 1911s though with no problems and I would feel confident in it. I think it's especially good for those who don't feel comfortable with a round until they run several hundred through, since doing that is a lot cheaper with this stuff.

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    I have a box or two of them now. I have some of my extra XD45 mags loaded with them and I carried them exclusively in my 1911 mags. I have had no failures with them so far but I have not extensively tested them in any way.
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    We shoot a lot of WWB - mostly 9mm, but the quality is the same as the .45, which is first rate. In hollow point, the cartridge isn't bonded, so it's much more likely to have the copper jacket separate from the lead projectile upon impact of a hard surface, such as bone. Theory is that will inhibit it's penetration, as it will have less mass. It's hard to imagine this round won't do it's job if you do yours.
    I assume you carry for defense. How many rounds do you practice with it monthly?

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    I used to use those WWB's but stopped because I noticed overpressure. Major primer issues so I don't use them anymore.
    If you're looking for a "cheap" SD round, check out Fiocchi.
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    I've used Winchester WB ammo in 9mm and .357 at the range for several years without a problem. I have not had the opportunity to inspect the bullet jacket after firing but they always go Bang and feed reliably in the 9mm. I think this is an affordable and reliable range ammo. For my SD needs, I do not want to use what is cheapest but what is the most reliable and proven. I keep the same bullet weight for SD that I use @ the range, usually 115 grain for the 9mm and 158 grain for the .357. I work in the SD ammo with the range ammo just to stay confident. I would not hesitate to carry WWB ammo if necessary.

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    They are old tech bullet designs. That's not exactly a bad thing but there are some scenarios where they might not perform up to modern standards. Heavy clothing may plug the cavity. Hard objects like windshield glass or heavy bone may cause jacket seperation. Overall, it will act like a jhp should within it's limitations. Beyond those and maybe more like fmj or a jsp. It's decent stock up ammo and probably not a bad choice for warmer weather carry if funds are limited. Same goes for UMC jhp ammo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911luver View Post
    Does anyone here have any experience with these JHP's in 45acp? I've read that the Winchester white box ammo isn't made to the same quality standards as other JHP ammo hence the lower price is this true?
    I've heard the same thing, but not experienced any problems...because I avoided buying any.
    For a few bucks more, I went with several other brands that have worked fine. If you want to save a few bucks, give it a try.
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    WWB JHP is a decent round. No, it is not the same quality, or price, as some of the newer high end SD rounds, but as some already have said it is not bonded.

    The main reason for using bonded is improved expansion when penetrating barriers. If you are a LEO, or in a profession where you expect to need to shoot through a door, or a wall, or a windshield, etc… then I would stick with the more expensive higher end bonded ammo.

    If you are just looking at carrying for SD it should work just fine. The 230gr .45 ACP is rated at 880 fps and performs well. It performs comparable to the premium bonded ammo when testing in water jugs (I know this is not representative of how it will perform in a body, but it is a good representation of how it performs compared to other rounds that are tested in the same manner). I have also seen pictures of what it will do to animals (deer) as well as the recovered bullets. It performs well and I would not hesitate to use it.

    With that said… If you are the kind of a person that doesn’t want to carry it just because it is not the best, and there is nothing wrong with that, you can sometimes find the premium “LEO Only” ammo selections at comparable prices on-line. For example, www.ammunitiontogo.com currently has Winchester Ranger T and Ranger Bonded for $39.95 and I have seen them places for as low as $24.95. If you don’t mind taking the time to hunt around and ordering on-line you can get some good deals on the “LEO Only” ammo. Don’t worry about the “LEO Only” thing, this is a contractual thing between the manufacturer and the distributor, not a legal issue.

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    When I bought my 1911, I looked at a lot of HPs and that was one of them. Needless to say I don't care for that stuff. After carrying another type of ammo, I changed and now I load my .45 with Speer Dot 185gr and called it a day.
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    I fired a bunch and it was good quality for an old-tech JHP. In .38 it was super accurate in more than one pistol. I think it's good for defense on a budget and great for stocking up and storing for the doomsday scenario of your choice. If you are able to afford it where the alternative would be to carry FMJ target ammo go for it. I have ammo cans and magazines in storage loaded with them (as well as other brands I get deals on) in 9 and .45.
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    WWB .45 acp HP works in my 1911, other better new ammo does not

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    I hear it works great if you are able to shoot people in the face with it...

    Then again, I hear a lot of things work great if you shoot people in the face.

    It's a handgun round, not a death ray.

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    I doesn't bother me to use the WWB 45 acp ammo. It is reliable in my guns. I suspect that if 45 acp ammo is reliable, 99% of the folks shot with it could care less if it is WWB or Gold Dots. It is not my first choice for SD, but I it doesn't worry me if that is what is in my gun.
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    I have them loaded in my HD 1911, have had them for years.
    They shoot point of aim, I've burned through multiple boxes and never had a mis-fire with one and they run in my guns without issue.

    Winchester's USA JHP ammunition:
    Winchester breaks new ground with its USA brand of personal protection hollowpoints
    Guns Magazine, August, 2002
    by Charles E. Petty

    Hands down WWB has been the most accurate and reliable as well as_clean_ shooting training ammo I've used through the years.
    I wish my local WalMarts would sell ammo again (haven't in 3 yrs now) as I'd buy more of it, tomorrow.

    - Janq
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