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Thread: Silver Bear?

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    Silver Bear?

    Does anyone run Silver Bear ammo in their AR? Is the Nickel plated steel better? Is it better than wolf?
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    I have several boxes of the Silver Bear ammo in 7.62x39. I've shot this through my AK47 with no problems. Nickel plated cases are harder than brass cases. Nickel plated cases are naturally more smooth when going into the action or chamber and a bit more reliable (the first time). Silver Bear ammo is Berdan primed just like most surplus ammo you will find. Personally, I won't run anything other than brass cased ammo through my AR15. I never will hopefully. But the nickel plated case ammo (in my opinion) is far better to run through your AR than the "Wolf" (steel cased....acrylic coated) ammo. Thing is, if you're going to have an over-pressure round going through your AR, then brass is going to give way much more easily than steel cased or nickel plated cases. Steel and nickel plated cases tend to rupture with more force since they are harder. Be that as it may. A good deal on ammo may outweigh the safety measures in some instances. I'll continue to conserve what I have that I know is reliable and somewhat more safe. I know all too well that current economics take a toll.

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    I've run thousands of rounds of Wolf & and various Bear (Brown, Silver, Gold) through my AR's without a problem.

    You're good with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuda66 View Post
    I've run thousands of rounds of Wolf & and various Bear (Brown, Silver, Gold) through my AR's without a problem.

    You're good with it.
    Same here no issues at all after many 1000's of rounds of Russian foldder.
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    I use silver bear through my Cetme without a problem. I performs well and extracts well, but then again a cetme will flings round out and throw them for distance so extraction wont ever be a problem : ).

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    500 of 62gr hp brown bear through my AR. If you have a 5.56 chamber you shouldn't have issues, a .223 chamber might get a little tight and cause FTX problems when it gets hot and dirty.

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