DDupleks ammo

DDupleks ammo

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Thread: DDupleks ammo

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    DDupleks ammo


    I was looking at the Hexolit32 and thought this is one mean looking round.

    I did a search and nothing came up on the site.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of ammo, and thoughts on how it might do for an SD round?
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    No experience.

    I personally would stick with #1 buckshot or a good slug.
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    Gimmicky ammo,like tubby said,A load of 00 or #4 buck has at least 9 pellets on up,you stand a lot better chance of ending the fight ,one thing about that slug,wonder how effective it is if you have to penetrate sheetrock or a couch will it have enough penetration,I seriously doubt it
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    Stick with buckshot, preferably low-recoil stuff for home defense (so long as your shotgun can cycle it reliably.)

    A2G has some pretty interesting 12 gauge rounds for sale though. They'd be fun to test out or play around with, but I'd keep the standard 00, #1, or #4 buckshot loaded up for any kind of "serious" work. I'd personally like to find a safe area to try out that flamethrower 12 gauge round they sell occassionally.
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    Looks like a solid "meh".

    There is a youtube video of the DDuplex ammo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDAEk9K7UaU
    Looks like the Hexolit round penetrated 3 gallon jugs of water in the first two tests.

    Compare this with a regular 12 gauge lead slug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDAEk9K7UaU
    The old lead lump completely penetrated (and shredded) 5 jugs.

    Like the folks above note - the tried and true 00, #1 or #4 buckshot is hard to beat for social work. Back it up with conventional lead slugs if desired.

    In my experience, the super-duper wild and wonderful exotic ammo is not superior to (and most times not equal to) proven lead and copper projectile loads.

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