.357 Mag -180 gr- too much?

.357 Mag -180 gr- too much?

This is a discussion on .357 Mag -180 gr- too much? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After searching the forum for a bit, it seems a lot of people prefer 110 or 125 gr. bullets of various manufacture for carry. Since ...

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Thread: .357 Mag -180 gr- too much?

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    .357 Mag -180 gr- too much?

    After searching the forum for a bit, it seems a lot of people prefer 110 or 125 gr. bullets of various manufacture for carry.
    Since I have been carrying I have been using 180 gr. Winchester partition gold in a Ruger SP101. Am I doing something wrong?
    I am curious as to what the pros/cons are to using a heavier bullet vs. a lighter bullet as it pertains to defensive ranges <10m.
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    The 125gr loads in the .357 are reputed to have been the ones that give it some of the best penetration. Check specs for the Fed HS load. Over 30" in bare gel. Pretty impressive.

    I wouldn't worry about it at all. Overpenetration will be cited by some. I don't buy it. I am more worried about missing and hitting someone else than having a bullet go through soemone and then travel unknown feet and hit someone else and kill htem.
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    The 125 gr. j.h.p. has the highest 1 shot stop percentages of any handgun cartrige.

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    Recoil . Thats it right there a 180 grain bullet in a small 357 is a handful to most.

    Also some of the newer Smaller 357's with fixed sights have there Sights regulated to 125 grain bullets.

    They one shot stop thing well I'm sure some people choose it that way but I'm not sure i buy into that who deal as there no way to know a lot of the variables.

    If you like the 180's and are comfortable carrying and shoot them by all means do so .

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    I think 180's best kept for long range and silhouette shooting, and longer barrels - they are good for that.

    For SD then maybe they up the punishment factor more than needed and as has been said the 125 weight does seem to have a good functional rep'. I have favored the 140 Corbons when I carried 357.
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    all the 180 loads i have seen are intended for hunting, not personal protection, but hey! I am sure it would work.
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