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Which 9mm would you carry between the two below

This is a discussion on Which 9mm would you carry between the two below within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Speer makes a line of ammo specifically for short barrel guns, not pushing Midway, it's just where I found the info http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct...tnumber=216634 I also like ...

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Thread: Which 9mm would you carry between the two below

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    Speer makes a line of ammo specifically for short barrel guns, not pushing Midway, it's just where I found the info


    I also like the Corbon DPX solid copper Barns X loading, being copper it is only 115 gr so it is likely to achieve the the speed required to expand out of a short barrel, personally all my handguns , and the wife's S&W 642 are loaded with the DPX


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    Either. It's highly unlikely any BG will be able to tell the difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    ... I also hear that the BG's will accept any round.

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    HST all the way. Very good SD round
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    Personally, I would never use +P+ since it has no standard.

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    HST 147. No question.

    Light, fast for caliber rounds don't do as well from short barrels because the lose a high percentage of their velocity.

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    I carry HST147 or GD 147. Every test that compares weight/penetration/expansion that I have ever seen, has always been different. Just too many variables. I like heavy rounds, but thats just me. Any GS, GD, HST, DPX etc... in any weight will probably do the job. Whatever runs reliable in your gun...thats what you want.
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    I think that any of the three choices, given reilability in your guns, should provide good results and have good track records of varying degrees. Reliability and personal preference based on the suggestions of others, data and how you shoot the individual choices in your guns will likely be the determiing factors in your choice(s).

    Should you be torn between two of the choices, you may wish to try stagger loading mags between the two choices. I stagger load the mags in my 92FS with Speer 124gr GD +P and Federal 147gr HST. Some will have disdain for this choice for reasons of their own. The most logical ones I can think of are variations in POI and variations in recoil. While there is some variation in recoil, I believe that the 115gr +P+ shows a greater variation between either of the other two than that between the 124gr +p and the 147 standard. I would suggest that the difference in recoil between the 124gr +P and the 147 standard is negligible, but recoil is a subjective thing. The other negative reason that comes to mind is the variation in POI between rounds. I believe that this is a nonissue at any practical distance that a handgun will be used. I did an experiement to illustrate this in the past and repeated it today as my prior documentation was long gone. The following targets were shot at 10, 15 and 25 yards. Nine shots were fired at each target, 3 - Corbon 115gr +P+, 3 - Speer GD 124gr +P, and 3 - Federal 147gr HST. I did not mark each group, but checked after each group to check for any grouping tendency, high or low and saw none. The targets indicate to me that any POI elevation variation between any of the three is small enough as to not be a factor at practical ranges normally encountered with an SD handgun. It is possible that some variation would show up at greater distances, but would require testing to determine the extent.

    The pics for some reson loaded 15yds, 10yds, then 25yds even though they were loaded in order are in order.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Which 9mm would you carry between the two below-10yds.jpg  

    Which 9mm would you carry between the two below-15yds.jpg  

    Which 9mm would you carry between the two below-25yds.jpg  

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    I use the 124 gr Gold Dots

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    Neither, I have chosen the Cor-Bon 115 Gr all Copper HP as my 9MM round in my G-19's. I can get this ammo where I live and cannot get this other stuff to try, shoot or buy!
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    I dont carry a 9mm. I refuse to for the simple reason of "I like bigger". No other scientific reason why. No over analyzing the situation. I Just like bigger like 40 and 45. Id even carry a 1,000,000 caliber pistol if they made it.

    However I would recommend Corbon DPX http://www.dakotaammo.net/Self-Defen...20/200/Product


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuda66 View Post
    147gr HST would be my choice, followed by the 124+P HST.
    I would agree with these if you can find a good supply to verify good functionality in your guns.

    I've gone with GoldDot's as well in both 147 & 124+p. I'm able to find these far more often and in good quantities.

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    Here is a recovered 9mm 124 gr HST bullet that was fired into some jugs of water.

    Enough said:

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    Nice Picture!!!

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    Anything I carry, I test on live animals. On farm hogs weighing 250-350 pounds and a white tail doe, I can tell you without question the 147 grain is the way to go. I use Remington golden sabers which is what I used to dispatch the animals with. All animals went down quickly except the deer, but it only went about 60 yards and piled up. I don't care what any so called test say, most all have an agenda. Shooting jelly, water jugs, and so on makes for interesting reading, but doesn't mean crap when comparing how a bullet works against live creatures. Penetration is what you need, with expansion being a necassary, but secondary requirement. I would not think of carrying anything in my g26 except 147 grain golden sabers.

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