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Then the WalMart by my parent's house......well, you might make a pit stop in the daytime if you HAD to, but they stopped being 24hours coz they were losing too much money on the night shift (theft). All the local "law abiding citizens" travel a few extra miles to go to another WM. I realize smaller towns don't have that kind of "luxury" though, if there's only one store within reasonable distance.
I should say, I've also been to a WM in New Jersey. I can't recall the exact location, but man. I wasn't sure if I was going to get jumped just walking through there or not. Probably the worst WM I've been to.

To make ti worse, through a few strange circumstances, I was there at nearly 1 AM.

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The Walmart closest to me (East Colonial, between Alafaya and Rouse) is one of the worst Walmarts I've been to. Super busy (even at midnight), long register lines (they have LOTs of registers, too bad only 1/4 of them are ever open), and carts all over the parking lot. Getting out of that lot can sometimes be a painful experience. They rarely have 40S&W in stock. If I'm lucky, I can pick up the 100rd Winchester bricks, but there'll be only one available.
Hey! We have the same WM. I definitely don't disagree with the things you mentioned there. And yea - always out of ammo. They seem to at least have a few boxes of WWB 9mm, but I don't shoot the stuff so it doesn't help me.

I almost always park over to the right side (if you look at the store straight on)... right past where the lot lines change colors (the carts lock up if you take them past that point). There's always parking over there, and it seems far away, but really isn't. I refuse to venture into the regular parking lot section. I've hit a cart with my car before, which goes to show just how much it does suck as you mentioned.

But I will say that the one in Melbourne (on Wickham road near Sarno) is actually worse. I think they're "low budget" too, because they have people manually collecting carts and pushing long lines of them (no automated robot thing) into this really short opening in the FRONT of the store. Very strange.

But, if feel like driving a bit more, I might go to the Super Target in Waterford. Much better. It's like a civilized version of WM (well, no guns though)