Gun to bullet.

Gun to bullet.

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Thread: Gun to bullet.

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    Gun to bullet.

    This may seem a simple question but I do have a simple mind.

    Things being equal do certain bullet weights perform differently out of equal guns? As for instance does a 124 grain bullet perform better in a comparable Glock or Sig? I understand that certain guns like certain bullet weights, but why? If we're talking about say brand X's 4inch semi auto vs. brand Y's 4 inch semi auto, why is one gun a better performer with the same round? Let's not compare revolvers to semi's, just semi's to each other.

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    Guns are just like people, each one is different, as an example take two Ruger 10/22s one may work well with CCI Stingers yet with the other you cannot hit the broadside of a barn from inside with the same Stingers. Handguns are the same way take two handguns of any type even with consecutive serial numbers and with the same ammo one may put all rounds in the 10 ring yet the other gun will look like you used a shotgun instead. That is the reasoning behind trying different brands and weights of ammo before choosing what ammo to carry.
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    A lot depends on type of barrel, glocks and HKs use polygonal rifling, sigs and others use traditional land and grove. It is said poly rifling allows for greater velocity. But thats just one of the many factors that come into play.

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    Guns are simply bullet launchers. Once the bullet leaves the barrel, what kind of firearm launched it makes no difference. Yes, bullet velocity, weight and design does make a difference. Traditionally hollow point bullets have worked better for self defense, but there is a "Ford vs. Chevy" debate on bullet weight that has been going on for decades.

    Recently, with the explosion of self defense concerns, ammo makers have begun making self defense ammo a priority as opposed to target or sporting rounds. Some new technology is trending to "controlled expansion" types of bullets with a relatively soft polymer compound filling the hollow point cavity in order to control expansion. The problem has been, hollow points clogging when they pass through layers of clothing, leather, etc., failing to expand, in a sense becoming FMJ. Federal started a few years ago by introducing their EFMJ (Expanding Full Metal Jacket) rounds, followed closely by Cor-Bon's Pow-R-Ball. More recently Hornady has introduced Critical Defense ammo that looks like a great round. In my personal unscientific tests, the bullets expand 100% of the time, no matter what kind of barrier I use. I'm sold on them. I carry EFMJ in my .45's and Critical Defense in my .40's. They are expensive and not meant for plinking or target shooting, but defense of your life or that of a loved one, is not a place to go cheap.

    That's my experience and opinion. Your mileage may vary.
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