Bulk Ammo?

Bulk Ammo?

This is a discussion on Bulk Ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm needing to spend more time at the range. I'd like to develop a weekly regiment. This is going to get costly in terms of ...

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Thread: Bulk Ammo?

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    Bulk Ammo?

    I'm needing to spend more time at the range. I'd like to develop a weekly regiment. This is going to get costly in terms of ammo.

    Aside from reloading, how are you getting your ammo? Gun shows? Online?

    Is retail as good as it's going to get for me?

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    I usually buy from a couple of different vendors...some online, some at gunshows....depends on price (and reputation). Usually if it is sold by the ziplock baggie, I stay away...I go for factory reloaded ammo.
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    I stay away from gun show reloads. You just never know what you're getting.

    You can usually find fair deals online, but you have to be looking regularly and be ready to pounce. The good deals don't usually last more than a day or two. I also have a good relationship with my LGS and they can sometimes let me in on deals, but that has to be at least 2000 rounds.

    You just have to keep your eyes open for a deal and have the cash handy to make the transaction.
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    Ammo Prices vs Caliber - Stores, Gun Shows, and On-Line

    Caliber seems to make a difference as to where you buy. During the shortage about a year ago, is was nearly impossible to find 40 Caliber, .45ís and 380ís anywhere but you could still find 9mm somewhere. Thatís why my EDC gun is a 9mm and I can always find ammo. A number of my friends and work associates also shoot 9mm so I keep my eyes open for deals and buy a fair amount at one time and they reimburse me.

    I have bought Wolf, Golden Bear and S&B FMJ and Remington HP at gun shows. I knew what was a GOOD DEAL before I went to the show. I would never buy ammo that are reloads in a bag.

    Wal-Mart use to have a shortage along with everybody else for a long time and when they did get ammo in, they limited you to two boxes. I bought some Federal 9mm there 2 or 3 months ago for $9.40 per box. Add my Florida Sales tax and that comes to right at $10 per box. I left with 2,000 rounds. They dropped their price to $8.40 per box for a short time later and now theyíre up to $10.40 per box here. They also have had a decent supply of 40 Caliber.

    Your sales tax in Seattle looks to be 9.5% and thatís a factor when comparative shopping. If I buy on line, Iím going to pay shipping but I donít have to pay the Florida Sales Tax if it comes from out of state. Donít know if that applies to Washington or not.

    Iím shooting mostly 115gr because thatís what I can get cheap. Iíve shot a lot of Wolf and Bear ammo without any problem. A lot of people say itís dirty. Itís dirty because they use steel cases that donít expand like a brass case when fired and so you get a little blow back. I donít mind saving money and having to clean my gun more often.

    Most of the on line stores will let you see what the shipping will come to before you actual place your order. The more you order, the cheaper the shipping per box. My minimum order on line is 500 rds (10 boxes). About a year ago I ordered 5,000 rounds of 30 year old Pakistani ammo from Sportsmanís Guide. It was packed in Sealed Tin Ammo Boxes. It came to about 7.60 a box including shipping. I get a few ďFail to FiresĒ but itís good practice for clearing a gun AND if I put the misfires back in, 90% will shoot the second time. I certainly canít beat the price.

    Hereís a list of ďOn LineĒ suppliers. A couple are actual stores. I put a ** behind those I have purchased from. Itís time consuming to check them all but you can check prices while youíre watching TV and save a bunch.

    If you put your cursor over the website name, hold down the ďControl KeyĒ on your keyboard and Left click your mouse button it will take you to their site. You may want to "Cut and Paste" the list into a word document to save for easy access.

    Good luck in your search. Sorry this post is SO long but hopefully youíll get some money saving ideas and get in more shooting at the range. Good luck and Watch Your Six.

    www.ableammo.com/ ***
    www.MidwayUSA.com **
    http://www.Natchezss.com/ **
    www.SportsmansGuide.com/ **

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    Great list, thanks much. Saved to pdf for future reference.
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    I'm a big fan of ammoengine.com, and I often buy the Military Ballistic Industries factory reloads from luckygunner.com. It comes in 100 round plastic bags, nice and clean & I've never had a malfunction with it. On the rare occasion I make it to a gun show these days, I can still find a good deal on factory ammo. Like just about everyone else will tell you, stay away from mystery reloads in ziploc bags!

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    Some see the initial price of ammo on line and forget to add on the shipping costs.
    I have supported two different gun shops, both give me great (comparatively speaking) prices on ammo, and I buy lots of it.
    I prefer to support my local businesses.
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    When I buy online, I usually start seeing discounts at about 1000 rounds and up. I figure the total (including shipping cost) and see what the cost per round is. The last time I bought .45 acp ammo online. It was less then $0.40 around.

    From the list above, I've used Wrigleys, annotogo, Midway, and Natchez and have had good luck with them all.
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    I've been looking at the deals at AmmoMan.com Shipping is included and they usually have a great selection...especially for 5.56/223.

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    I am curious ,what carrier delivers your ammo?Do you have to sign for it,at delivery?

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    AmmoMan's prices are rarely the best you can do on-line - they aren't bad, but you really have to shop around and make sure you're comparing apples to apples. For example, don't assume that Federal XM193 is the same as M193... any US military ammo with an 'X' prefix is a reject for not meeting all applicable specs. (Common reasons for rejection include - but are not limited to - cosmetics.)

    The only ammo deliveries I've received have been with UPS. The seller specifies whether a signature is required... I've have ammo left on my front porch, other times a signature has been required.
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    Now that Wally World is caught up its hard to beat their price on FMJ's in 9, 38, 40, 45 be it WW, Rem or Fed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BerettaSCFan View Post
    Here’s a list of “On Line” suppliers.
    Wow, thanks for takin the time for the list!

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    Don't forget www.cabelas.com

    I've bought 3 or 4 bulk orders of different brands and calibers ammo from them. Most bulk ammo orders also come with a free plastic ammo can, which is handy. Prices on bulk ammo is pretty competitive.
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