Ammo for Sig P238

Ammo for Sig P238

This is a discussion on Ammo for Sig P238 within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ill be honest, I dont know much about ammo so I had a couple of questions. I own a P238. I originally just shot brass ...

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Thread: Ammo for Sig P238

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    Ammo for Sig P238

    Ill be honest, I dont know much about ammo so I had a couple of questions.

    I own a P238. I originally just shot brass casing winchesters. The only issue I had shooting was the very first time and it was because of the mag, not the ammo.
    Well .380 being expensive, I found a brand that would run me about $5 cheaper. Its a company called Tul ammo and they use steel casing.
    At first there were no issues but then after about 50 rounds in, I started getting a stove pipe jam with almost every mag. I stopped when I had a light primer strike.

    Needless to say, Im done with that ammo.

    Has anyone had this experience?
    I noticed this ammo shoots very dirty and the p238 isnt really made for that. This gun is kind of my little princess.

    Im also aware that this isnt really made to shoot 100 rounds through on a constant basis and maybe that could be part of the problem but I never had issues with the brass casing ammo.

    What ammo seems to work best for the p238?? Id like to stay within a reasonable price. However, I understand this may not be the type of gun I can go cheap with. The winchesters were costing me $36 for 100 rounds.

    I just dont want to do anything that could ruin it.

    Any suggestions?

    I am in the future purchasing a pistol primarily for the range and home defense. The sig is my carry weapon and the only one I have and as a new shooter, I wanted to practice. Probably not the best pistol to do that with.

    Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!


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    If this gun is your little princess, then treat her like one.
    You already know it's not a range gun, and least not a fun gun at the range. I'd buy some Speer Gold Dot...try a box to make sure it feeds well, and use it for SD.OMO
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    I carry only the Buffalo Bore +p stuff in my P238 as well as my PPK. Mostly the 100gr hard cast rounds, but the JHP stuff is good too. At the Range I just run the PMC FMJ for rage time, but for defense I'd load the +p stuff. IMO, it brings the .380 pretty darn close to the .38 ballistically speaking as an effective defense tool.

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    These days there is no such thing as "cheap" centerfire ammo. You said you paid $36 for 100 round of Winchester .380, which is a very reasonable price. Then you shot some steel-cased imported junk ammo for 5 cents less per shot, and you had misfires, jams and a filthy pistol. I think most folks would agree that saving 5 cents a shot is false economy if you have to put up with those problems.

    Right now .380 ammo has come down in price substantially from the peaks of last winter, which means the supply is starting to catch up with demand. Back then, .380 in any flavor was almost impossible to find and $1 a round for even ball ammo was not unheard of, so... just remember, it could be worse. Check all the mail order outlets for prices and you might get lucky and hit a sale.

    Meanwhile, avoid the foreign stuff. Anything from former Commie-bloc nations (Wolf, etc.), S+B, and PMC are bound to be dirty. Among foreign brands I like Fiocchi more than the rest, but that's not to say it's any cheaper than the domestic fodder.
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    Walmart has had bulk packs of 250rds Remington UMC for $67..

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    When I'm not shooting my reloads I use to find factory ammo. For defense loads I use golden saber rounds as they feed reliably and I prefer the heavier bullets on all my calibers. I enjoy shooting my p238 and use it as a fun gun at the range as well as a primary when i can't/too lazy to carry something bigger. Its surprisingly accurate for such a tiny gun and the only real problems I seem to have I seem to come from my reloads and not factory ammo.

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    I don't understand. Why wouldn't you want to get constant practice with you SD gun? And any gun I would think is made to shoot 100 rounds at a time. If not I don't want it for SD. My SD gun is the only one I shoot at the range because when I go, I go to practice.

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