Another New Magic Bullet, 50 GI, any experience

Another New Magic Bullet, 50 GI, any experience

This is a discussion on Another New Magic Bullet, 50 GI, any experience within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello, A search for 50 GI didn't find anything, so I'm asking, does anyone have any experience with the 50GI from Guncrafters Industries? They are ...

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Thread: Another New Magic Bullet, 50 GI, any experience

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    Another New Magic Bullet, 50 GI, any experience


    A search for 50 GI didn't find anything, so I'm asking, does anyone have any experience with the 50GI from Guncrafters Industries? They are boasting near Magnum downrange energy with the recoil of a standard pressure 230gr 45 ACP. Available in conversions for Glock 20/21 or a whole 1911 directly from Guncrafters.

    A magazine article

    The G.I. site

    What do you think?
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    Well if you look at Winchester's site their 230grain Ranger T is only moving ten feet per second slower than the 230 grain HP .50 G.I. So yeah, the recoil would be comparable. But for $42 for twenty rounds compared to about $27 for fifty of the Ranger, what are they really selling me?
    ETA: Correction that is the +P Ranger loading the standard pressure is about 110fps slower than that.
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    Seems like it could be interesting. I read around a bit on the website.

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    I need a bigger round than 45 acp,Time to pop slugs outta my 12 gauge
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    The website mentions a "...cartridge designed from the ground up ... a very strong, thick-walled cartridge..." Sounds like a cut off .308 Winchester case reamed out.

    By the way, this was done in the late 60s or early 70s as a target pistol case for Bullseye 2700 shooting. The idea was a very small charge was used and burning rates would be very regular in such a small case.

    I see the cartridge here is a .50 caliber round. So obviously they've manufactured cases on the same principle but larger in diameter. From the pictures and text the rim is rebated, and the same size as .45 ACP. Rebated rims are historically problematic in self-loading pistols.

    It will probably work, within limitations. (I'm not thrilled with rebated rims.) Will it do anything NOT already done? No. Is it somewhat of a technical improvement? Probably; if they've managed to do it better than the past experiment. I don't see much need for it. If anyone wants to be first on their block to have one, good on you.
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    I thought about getting a 20 and a conversion kit, but the kit is as much as another gun so I didn't. If I have that much I would opt for 2 10mms and have way more firepower.
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