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Thread: Glaser Safety Slugs

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    Forget them us a good American made hollow point and keep moving
    You do not think the 9mm is effective? Then let me shoot at you.

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    In my carry gun I ONLY load MAG-SAFE or GLASER SILVER. In the backup mag I tend to load RBCD. That's South Florida during the spring and summer months. Wintertime, I load Speer Gold Dot, or Hornady or Winchester or whatever. But I'm also talking about a 45, too. I don't think any "special" load is going to overcome the anemic characteristics of the .380. I think you'd be better off buying one of those Kel-Tec PMR30s in 22WMR. And at least you'd have a 30rd mag to get the job done. I'm probably going to buy one myself. Gotta admit, three mags and 90 rds on tap is a decent inducement.
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    Let's get real guys! Have you watched any of the videos on YouTube about test fires done with these? One that I saw showed it go through six panels of sheetrock (three walls worth) no problem and would have penetrated through a lot more but six panels was all that they put to to shoot through. If you live in an apartment, don't kid yourself. Anything that you fire that travels at 800+ feet per second and small enough to come out of a firearm is going through the wall in your apartment if it is a sheetrock wall.

    This isn't hollywood this is the real world. Hell, a 9mm can go through brick and ciderblock, even the frame of a car (not the engine block though). The only way that this round will benefit you is if it first strikes the intended target (aka the bad guy) in a meaty enough portion of the body to make it spread out and the energy be obsorbed by the mass of tissue, otherwise it will over penetrate to some degree. So...if you have to aim carefully enough to make sure every round you fire only strikes the intented target (the bad guy) or it will go through the wall of the apartment, then you might as well hit him with something that will hit harder. Hydra-shocks are good at transferring most of the energy to the bad guy. If I were to load these safety rounds I would do as another poster suggested, load them as the first two and then have hydra-shocks in the rest of the magazine. Knock him down with the first two and then take your time with your aim on follow up rounds while he is trying to recover.

    The only benefit that I can think of if you miss the target is that rather than penetrating through 20 apartments and hitting at most two people before stopping, it would penetrate 20 apartments and bounce off the first person. It's still going to over penatrate if you miss the target is my point.

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    Welcome to DC Plygkid. Unfortunately your first post is about 1.5 years too late for this particular thread. Nevertheless, I will leave my mark and insert my uninvited, sharp opinion into this old thread.

    After researching, I will avoid all specialty fragmenting ammo (pretty much any ammo sold in packs of 6 is going to be garbage). For most people, it's going to be cost prohibitive to practice with, it fragments when hitting hard barriers (like any bullet would) and passes through medium barriers like drywall (like any bullet would), when fragmenting handgun rounds do work as intended, they usually do not achieve adequate penetration to reach vital organs from a variety of angles you may have to shoot at. Their possible advantages are small and disadvantages much larger. Advertisements for this kind of ammo is often deceiving. The Box O' Truth #23 - ExtremeShock™ Ammo and the Box O' Truth - Page 1

    If I were to load these safety rounds I would do as another poster suggested, load them as the first two and then have hydra-shocks in the rest of the magazine. Staggering rounds Knock him down with the first two and then take your time with your aim on follow up rounds while he is trying to recover.
    Don't stagger different rounds, especially if the first rounds are not worth carrying. The goal in a self defense shooting is to stop the threat, ASAP. One shot is ideal. In the moment I really don't think you're going to be thinking, "okay, now these two are going to be fragmenting rounds..." then "alright, now it's time for the serious business rounds. I'll carefully place these in his chest while he is trying to recover from that whoopin' I just put on his stomach".

    As much as we would desire a defense scenario to play out the way we want it to, I hope we all agree that in a real self defense scenario which may only last a few seconds, you are going to fall back on whatever training, practice and mental preparations you have made. If you haven't practiced employing your weapon or ran scenarios through your head, you're probably going to be a deer in the headlights. Don't make things more complicated than they have to be. Some complications can be avoided by having your entire magazine filled with one kind of a quality self defense round. Choose ammo that performs consistently and pull the trigger until the threat ceases.

    If you only feel comfortable carrying fragmenting ammo, you should probably re-examine your skill sets and re-think why you have a gun for self defense in the first place. If you genuinely need a lower penetration option, choose a higher velocity, light weight load utilizing a conventional JHP which is likely to fragment to some degree upon entering tissue. I really don't know of any legitimate law enforcement agencies that use fragmenting rounds like Mag-safes or Extreme Shock. The Federal Air Marshals use P229 handguns chambered in .357 Sig, loaded with 125gr Speer Gold Dots. Gold Dots aren't exactly fragmenting rounds.

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    Someone told me that if he was forced to use his weapon in self defense, he did not want his opponent being able to tell lies to the investigating officers. I practice (pistol) to fire all but one round and swap mags.
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    The first 3 are Glasers., followed by Double Tap 125gr. Sierra fragmenting JHPs.

    Three hits with a .357 SIG Glaser should be enough- but you never know.

    I also like Glasers for a house gun in .44 Special .

    Even with the newer Glaser silver that adds a bit more penetration, I'm leery about actual carry with them due to the
    low pen. that's the real reason for them in the first place. A long range shot is also another factor.
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