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Bulk Ammo

This is a discussion on Bulk Ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anybody know any good internet sources for bulk ammo? It would be for the range so I'm not to particular, even Military Ballistics Industries or ...

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    Bulk Ammo

    Anybody know any good internet sources for bulk ammo?
    It would be for the range so I'm not to particular, even Military Ballistics Industries or BVAC re-manufactured would do at a good price

    Basically, I'll be looking for 1000 round each of
    38 Special
    40 S&W
    and depending on what the wife eventually gets either
    9mm or 380 acp

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    As I said in the other thread on bulk prices, I've used Ammoman.com, and I have been pleased with the prices and service. Be sure to remember that the price includes shipping.
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    Best buys in bulk ammo these days may be closer to home than you think. Cash and carry cuts out a lot of the extra costs involved. One of those things I've seen little change in since the internet buying became such a market. Ammo is a difficult market to compete in. I've bought ammo via internet plenty of times, but it's generally ammo I can't find anywhere else with diligence. 1K+ rounds and you'll likely come out better at a gun show opening day. As with any bulk buy, price per round will be less expensive. But what you're making up for in shipping costs may not meet the bottom line on savings. It's a toss up these days. You might be able to pick up 4 boxes of 250 round bulk at Wal Mart cash and carry for what you'll go through getting 1000 rounds bulk shipped by credit card online. It mainly comes down to the willingness to search and finding the holes in the wall that might make your perceptible savings even more worthwhile. If you're an exclusive online shopper, then I can't help you. I've found some of my best buys at local hardware stores. Then again.....I'm in Arkansas, and you're in Virginia. Owning my own third world country on my ammo stockpile was just a whim some ten years ago.

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    Go and buy at Wally world. I would not get within a couple of miles of ammo from a gun show. You just cannot trust what you buy there and when they are gone, you are left hanging on the rope.
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    Try AmmoToGo.com as another on-line source.
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    Big vote for Georgia-Arms .... I've got approximately 50K rounds of their canned-heat bulk ammo (comes in great-condition military ammo-cans - LOVE THAT!) through my guns and have loved every one of them.
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    watch cabelas and gander mountain for specials...

    recent...umc 9mm 250 rounds for 49.99...$20 off order and free shipping over $100...all you need is 2 boxes and a filler item (kitchen knife sharpener for $2.99) and youve got free shipping + $20 off....$82.97 for 500 rounds....and you can repeat the order if you want 1000 rounds...

    $.16/round a good enough price for you?...youre treading into reloading territory with those numbers..

    have to move fast when it happens...they sell out fast...

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    Georgia arms is good, except that they do not have 38 special.
    I waited 4 months and finally ended up canceling my order.
    I would consider them for other calibers though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBeau View Post
    Georgia arms is good, except that they do not have 38 special.
    I waited 4 months and finally ended up canceling my order.
    I would consider them for other calibers though.
    Ditto, except I waited months for .357Sig and gave up.

    I have been very pleased with Ammoman, also. If it's listed outta stock on the website, give Eric a call, he may still have some available. When he gets down to just a few cases of a particular caliber, he marks it as out of stock in case he sells 10 cases on the website over the weekend and he only had 6 left on Friday.
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    Awesome resources guys, thanks for posting. :-)

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    AmmunitionToGo.com is my favorite, and I acquire 95% of my ammunition from them. They show on their website only what they have in stock, and I've received all my orders in three to four business days. (Ships from Texas).

    Good luck!
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