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Accidental discharge leads to suprising results. 9mm

This is a discussion on Accidental discharge leads to suprising results. 9mm within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In 40+ years of pistol shooting, I never did that. Although, I once had one heck of an ND with an M-16. All an entire ...

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Thread: Accidental discharge leads to suprising results. 9mm

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    In 40+ years of pistol shooting, I never did that. Although, I once had one heck of an ND with an M-16. All an entire 30 round mag. on full auto.

    Thank god it wasn't in the house. or on the range. Luckily it happened where there were lots of trees and it was all wet, and most people didn't speak English.
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    Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Should be an unforgetable lesson for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    Thats the issue I have with light bullets in the 9mm. Glad noone was hurt. Live and learn.
    Heavier bullets at lower pistol velocities don't always penetrate hard objects as well as lighter, faster loads with more energy. I've seen 230gr FMJ fail to penetrate a railroad tie at 25 yards when 185gr jhps dug in a 1/2" or so. I've also seen it in .38 Spl. when 158gr RNL barely scratched an old rock maple dresser but 110gr +Ps would dig in a bit. I'm no physicist but it seems like momentum helps get ya deep in soft tissue but you need energy for hard stuff. I've been amazed at what some finished or treated hardwoods will stop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chivvalry View Post
    Scared the hell out of myself a couple of months back when I got back from the range and took my AR out of its bag to clean it.... Pulled back the bolt to ensure it was clear and a round popped out. I damn near crapped myself just from that. First time I EVER cleared a weapon that I thought I had cleared prior and discovered I had failed to clear it. Hammered home for me that ALL WEAPONS ARE LOADED EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT.
    I've done the same. This is the closest I've ever come to having an ND.

    I have snap caps for my .45's and I make it a habit to visually check the chamber before I pull the trigger even if I'm 100% sure it's safe with a snap cap or empty.

    Human's are fallible... all of us. Any one of us could make this mistake. Just take the extra steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. The more we handle firearms, the more "comfortable" we become and unknowingly start to be less worried about an ND because "we got this, it's cool" and then BANG!, there's a hole in the wall. We can't let that happen :)

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    Glad no one was hurt. I've had two myself when I first got my G19 many many years ago, bad trigger discipline on my part shot the ground roughly 18-24 inches in front of my feet. That will get your attention. Once with my Ruger Single Six, it was full summer and very hot out and my hands were sweaty, with it being a single action I had decided not to shoot and was lowering the hammer and let it slip, I was kindda sortta prepared for that one, but it still startled me to no end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by camsdaddy View Post
    Remington 115 JHP L9mm1B
    That is one of Remington's economical UMC loads. It uses a very basic and unsophisticated JHP bullet design.

    I would try to spend more money for my actual self-defense ammo if I was in your shoes. I'm sure that Remington load is great for practicing. But it only generates 329 ft/lbs of energy, and that is from a 4" barrel. So out of your Glock 26, it is probably only generating something close to 300 ft lbs of energy.


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    Glad no one was hurt. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of how careful we need to be. I had a ND when I first got my XD. I scared me so bad that I am now SUPER careful when it comes to my weapon. I know we don't always like to admit when we do something like this, but it really does help the rest of us.

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    A good friend of mine and I were at his apartment one night several years ago when he decided he wanted to show me how to disassemble his Glock 19. I saw him remove the magazine, not check the chamber, and place his finger on the trigger. As he aimed at the wall facing the forest and thus the safest place, I managed to eep out "WAI..." before the music from the stereo was replaced with a loud "POP!" then a high pitch whine. Luckily he had his duty ammo in the gun, federal hydra-shoks, and it stopped in the wall.
    Needless to say a change of underwear was necessary on his part. but he is now a lot more safety conscienceless, especially because I always give me crap for it.

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    I did the same thing once. My first pistol was a 1911. The first time that I disassembled and assembled it, I had trouble gettting it to return to battery. It had such a burr on the guide rod that it was holding the recoil spring back. I took the disassemble tool out of the guide rod and the spring would not fly off the rod. I sanded off the burr and everything went together like it was suppose too after that.

    About a week latter, late at night, I couldn't sleep. I was bored, nothing on TV, so I decided, let me take the pistol apart again, to see if it goes better this time. The mag was loaded, I racked the slide without first removing the mag. Then I decided that I was too tired to mess with it. So I pointed it at the floor and pulled the trigger. I thought that I was dreaming. When I realized that I wasn't dreaming, I thought am I dead, I started checking to see if I was shoot. Then I looked for the hole in the foor. I could hardly find it through the carpet. The next day, I took a coat hanger and was going to stick it through the hole so that I could see what I shoot under the house, but it must off hit a stud because I couldn't get the hanger to go into the hole hardly anyways.

    I beat myself up alot after that ND and I still do today. I feel like I am much more careful now. I handled long guns regular as a kid , hunting on my own and cleaning them. Then when I get to be a middle aged man, I shoot a hole in the foor.

    Like you said it was the loudest shoot that I have ever heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmhawth View Post
    The more we handle, load, unload, and practice with our guns the more opportunities we create for ourselves to make a mistake like that. I'm glad no one was hurt and I hope your experience serves to make us all a little more careful. Thanks for relating this to us.


    In all my years of handling loaded weapons, Thank God this has not happened,
    and with some dilligence, It should be something that won't.

    Very glad no one was injured.
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    I agree re proper checking and safety procedures. I carry it a step further. I have a duplicate of my carry gun that all of my home draw, dry fire and reload practice is done with. This weapon is not loaded other than at the range and when cleaned upon return from the range is restored to its normal load of snap caps, but it is still checked prior to practice. It also has a specific identifier, as it (practice gun) has a dark trigger while my carry gun has a polished trigger. All this is in addition to an airsoft replica of my carry gun that is used sometimes for the same practice prurposes. My carry gun remains in its fully loaded configuration at virtually all times other than cleaning after range use.
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    Thats why we have the ALWAYS RULES:
    1. Always point the Gun in a Safe Direction.
    2. Always keep you finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire
    3. Always know of your target and what is beyond it.
    NEVER point a gun (unloaded or loaded) at something or someone you intend to destroy or kill.

    so even if mistakes do happen, they are just a minor one, not a trip to the hospital.
    NRA Certified Rifle/Pistol Instructor

    Accuracy ALWAYS WINS! So carry what you can hit with.

    If you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics stink.

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