Remington golden saber .380?

Remington golden saber .380?

This is a discussion on Remington golden saber .380? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have any experience with these JHP's in a Ruger LCP or a Keltec P3AT? I was thinking about picking up a couple of ...

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    Remington golden saber .380?

    Does anyone have any experience with these JHP's in a Ruger LCP or a Keltec P3AT?

    I was thinking about picking up a couple of boxes and trying them in my gun.,but would like feedback from those here who have tried/carry them.
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    That is what I currently have in a TCP. They seem to feed and shoot well. If I have time on Friday I might even chrono some of them and see what they really produce in energy.
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    All of the employees at the gunshop where I work carry Kel Tec P380s and Gold Saber. Actually, all except for me, I carry a KT P32 and Cor Bon. We tested a bunch of loads in wet newspaper and plywood (like our dsplay cases) and all of us liked the GS.
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    Over the years, I have found 40-50fps variation in 45acp and 9mm Golden Saber depending on lot #. The 380 GS that I have tested only averaged around 790fps and only showed expansion about half the time out of P3AT in "clothed wetpack". I have read reports of folks getting over 850fps and good expansion out of P3ATs/LCPs so I may just have gotten a "weak" lot?

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    The stuff cycles nicely through my Beretta Cheetah, and that's what I kept it loaded with until I read the article below that had it showing just about the worst penetration of the test group. I've switched to Hydra-Shoks and I feel good with those. I was really surprised too since the GS is the heaviest .380 load I've seen, and it's great in .45 ACP.

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    I use GS in my Ruger LCP, I like it and have had zero problems with it. Works well in my PPK as well.
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    I use the Hydra Shock in my NAA Guardian when I carry. As for practice ammo, anything that says .380AUTO on it goes through it.
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    Buffalo Bore 100 Gr. +P in mine.

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    Just got an old PPK/S Cerakote refinished, and have comitted to this being my carry gun. The Walther has longer barrel than more compacts like the LCP & Keltec, yielding more fps. I have chosen Buffalo Bore JHP's. Greater velocity and today's reliable jhp's makes the .380 a better self defense load than it was 20 years ago. I chose BB because they offer +p and publish velocity of 1150 fps in Walther. What is published or measured velocith of Golden Saber in .380?

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    I've had no problems with golden sabre but I load my LCP with Speed Gold Dot.

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    I run the Buffalo Bore 100gr Hard Cast stuff in my .380s that will handle the hot stuff, but for all the others, it's the 90gr Speer Gold Dots.

    I like the Golden Sabers in the larger calibers, but IMO for the sub calibers there's better options out there. It seems that the bullet design doesn't lend itself to full and consistent expansion with the calibers of less horsepower. YMMV
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