Q - trouble pulling bullets from one type of brass

Q - trouble pulling bullets from one type of brass

This is a discussion on Q - trouble pulling bullets from one type of brass within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, I am just getting back into reloading after some years off. I loaded up 20 rounds of 45acp after getting the new machine set ...

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Thread: Q - trouble pulling bullets from one type of brass

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    Q - trouble pulling bullets from one type of brass

    Okay, I am just getting back into reloading after some years off. I loaded up 20 rounds of 45acp after getting the new machine set up. At the end I doublechecked the powder and discovered I had gone beyond max recommended load - my powder scale was sticking (balance type). Anyway I get out the bullet puller and most of the bullets fall out after 3-4 whacks on the bench. A few of the rounds take 10+ before coming apart, and a couple still have not let loose. Then I notice - the ones that don't want to come apart are one particular brand of brass. This makes me wonder whats up - also makes me wonder if the pressure inside those particular cases would be substantially more than the cases that separated easier. Any thoughts ?

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    The brass is thicker in that manufacturers casing therefore the crimp will be tighter. This is why all load data will tell you to start at least 10% below max load when working up new loads and watch for pressure signs. Not all brass is the same and you need to allow for those differences when working in the max load realm.
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    If I have a bullet that does not want to come out of the brass I back the crimp all the way off and seat the bullet a tad more, hoping to break the crimp.
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    Steve W hit the trick on the head. Run it through the bullet seater and seat it a tiny bit further in, then pull it. This seems to break the crimp. This technique is also useful when pulling bullets from factory ammo where the bullet may be lacquer-sealed. Crack the seal by seating a slight bit and they pull right out...

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    I don't sweat a "couple" of rounds. I've only found reason to pull bullets a couple of times, and it was far cheaper to toss them in the canal out back than spend the money on a puller.

    With near-max charges, one must observe the usual extra precautions. I rarely load heavy charges even in my .41 Mag days. The extra fraction of a grain or so never helped accuracy nor made much difference in power. Brass varies in thickness, etc., which is why many recommend separating brass by manuf. I've never found it neccesary with low-to-mid range charges.
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