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Tula Ammo - Any Thoughts?

This is a discussion on Tula Ammo - Any Thoughts? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I shot 50 rounds thru my LCP and I had about 5 FTF and its nasty. Wont be buying any more. Just my thoughts....

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Thread: Tula Ammo - Any Thoughts?

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    I shot 50 rounds thru my LCP and I had about 5 FTF and its nasty. Wont be buying any more. Just my thoughts.
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    LOL seems like good amunition to train with: Range ammo, practice clearing jams, and getting intimate with firearm when cleaning....doesn't seem to bad for "practice" ammo.

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    A lot of indoor ranges do not allow steel cased ammo. One even charges 25.00 if caught with it.
    I bought a box of Wolf 45 a few years ago, shot half the box. Now it sits in the console of my truck for emergency use only.


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    I have fired several hundred rounds of Herters 9mm and 45 ACP and haven't had a single problem. But after I've shot through the stuff I don't have any plans on purchasing more.

    I must say as someone who doesn't reload I feel better about shooting and leaving all my cases there and not having my spent cases sold by the range for a profit.

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    A Background article about the Tula Ammo Factory

    FYI, Here's an article on the Lucky Gunner website with some background information about Tula ammo factory. It describes its history, product development and overseas markets:

    TulAmmo Review
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    I used the Rusian ammo in My Star 9mm and Stoeger Cougar 40S&W and neither one liked it!! The Star jammed every other round (not fun if you needed it to work) and the Cougar was so filthy that you couldn't see the rifling in the barrel!! Cheap ain't always good!!
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    It really depends on the gun. All the Russian steel cased ammo I've shot in my Glocks (G17, G21) has run just fine. Other people shooting different guns have had no end of trouble. My recommendation to anyone considering it would be to buy a few boxes and see how they work in your gun. If it doesn't work, you're only out the cost of a box or two. If it runs well, you can save a pretty penny (or just shoot more ).
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    I shot so in my CX4 Storm in .45 cal. and had one round jam , It was like others have said on this thread, the steel case is harder to feed out of the mag.
    I was shooting a local 3gun shoot last weekend and it cost me about one to two seconds and one place lower on the score cards . I will not buy any more I can tell you that much anyway.
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    My range does not allow it. It runs $8.30 where i buy my ammo and Magtech or S&B runs 11.00 so there is a bit of price difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornelius View Post
    I bought 3 boxes of TulAmmo .40S&W a few months ago. Generally, I avoid steel cases because it's prone to jamming... sure enough, before I finished the 3rd box, my M&P had extraction failure after nearly every other round. After 2000+ rounds, it's the only time this has ever happened, and I've shot many brands of many different qualities. Brass ammo is self-lubricating, doesn't expand as much as steel does (hence the extraction failure), and actually helps remove soot from the breech. Steel has no upsides.

    I don't shoot steel-cased ammo anymore. Plus Russian ammo is DIRTY, powder burns slower, and seems to have terrible performance that's nowhere indicative of American-made brass. It's practically worthless, even for the range- unless you actually plan on using it in a self-defense scenario
    Actually brass expands MORE than steel. That's why it seals the chamber better and keeps the gunk out better. The worst thing you can do is fire brass right after steel. The powder residue in the chamber that didn't affect the steel cases will act like glue on brass.

    Having said that, I've fired thousands of rounds of Wolf out of my Glock 21 (1300 in one training class) and never had a single problem. I would run a bore snake through the barrel at the end of the day and start all over again until I ran out of Wolf and had to start using WWB. I don't reload and still don't trust the aluminum cases. It shoots the same POA/POI as my carry ammo. I've had similar experiences with Wolf 9mm. I just haven't shot as much of it as .45.
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    i have a XM-15 bushmaster target rifle, i shot about 100 rounds of this tulammo and only 2 didnt jam.......the gun was brand new and had never been fired so i thought it was the gun

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    My armorer explained the deal with steel cased ammo...

    Steel cased ammo does not expand like brass does. Brass ammo expands to fill the cylinder and bars debris from blowing back into the weapon. Since the steel casings do not, the debris from the spent cartridge ends up all over the inside of your weapon. If you fire brass ammo after steel cased you run the risk of the brass ammo fusing to the debris and ripping as the extractor attempts to pull it out of the weapon.

    If you do not mind doing about 2-3x the amount of cleaning & plan to ONLY use steel cased ammo and not mix ANY brass cased in till after a thorough cleaning then you are fine. Personally, I stay way the F away from this stuff.
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    I have used it in 40 cal for my glock 22. I did not really have any troubles with it but I did have a couple fail to ejects. For practice ammo it's ideal because of its reduced cost. I would not have it or use it as carry ammo by any means.

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    This is quite an old post... But I saw it now so I guess I'll add.

    I ordered 100 rounds of 9mm when I bought my AK ammo and it shot like crap through my G17 and G19. It was hard to load into the magazine and annoying to handle all around. I shoot Tulammo through my AK (7.62x39) as well as Ulyanovsk Ammo which, from what I can tell, is the same manufacturer. Works great in my AK.
    Would stay away from 9mm though

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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    I must say as someone who doesn't reload I feel better about shooting and leaving all my cases there and not having my spent cases sold by the range for a profit.
    How dare those Capitalist Pig Range Masters sell the spent brass to defray the operating cost of the Range! They should just have their RSOs clean the range and bullet traps for free and donate those funds to Obama's redistribution of wealth!

    As an RSO during the Shot Show on Range Day we work for the brass ONLY so that the range gets cleans after the use and the Media get to see all the new toy! Sorry Froggie, but I'll work for Brass! Maybe you should ask one of those Captialist Pig Range Master to help clean the range and see what it takes to operate a range!


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