An interesting read on terminal ballistics.

An interesting read on terminal ballistics.

This is a discussion on An interesting read on terminal ballistics. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was perusing the web earlier today looking for the terminal ballistics of .357 Magnum loads and came across this gem . He's a mortician ...

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Thread: An interesting read on terminal ballistics.

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    An interesting read on terminal ballistics.

    I was perusing the web earlier today looking for the terminal ballistics of .357 Magnum loads and came across this gem. He's a mortician in Atlanta and relates his considerable experience of gunshot victims in the morgue and makes for a compelling read.

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    A long read, but interesting, none the less.
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    I really enjoyed that read. Thank you for posting.

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    Good read. Real life experience always beats theory.

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    Yes, a looong read. Almost too long for one sitting without ordering out for lunch. Well, worth the time though. He dispells a few myths, confirms a few more.

    While I certainly can't argue with his qualifications on caliber/bullet effectiveness, I question to some extent observations such as mixed loads (does he know for a fact the different bullets came from the same gun? Or was it a case of the victim being shot with two different guns using different bullets?) and couple other comments.

    All in all, he report makes me appreciate my .45 all the more.
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    read this a while back, but indeed its very insightful.

    I like how he adds a little humor to the conversation, as indicated below,

    From article;;

    Remember, folks, that what I see on the autopsy table is most often BGs shooting BGs (sniff, sniff. Forgive me, my eyes are welling up with tears and I might have to continue this thread later. Ok, better now, so I'll continue) or, worse, BGs shooting good guys. In either case, BGs usually aren't students of ballistics, they aren't NRA members, they don't read Guns and Ammo, and they don't sit down at the Dillon 550 at night cranking out some new handload they've read about. They buy commercially-available ammo and, occasionally, add some personal touches they've read about in the latest issue of Gangbanger Magazine, such as filling the cavity of the hollowpoint with mercury (Yes, I've seen it. Worked just like hardball.)or deeply scoring the nose of the bullet (worked just like frangible except that it came apart on the outside of the other BGs clothing, which is why we had this one on the autopsy table (sniff). That said, if we want to evaluate various bullet weights and designs that aren't available commercially, we're once again left with ballistic gelatin, and the more I see on the autopsy table, the less confidence I have in the results.
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    Excellent read. He really does like the larger sized rounds based on visual results.

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    I think this originally showed up as a thread on the Big Blue Smith & Wesson forum.
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    Interesting, glad to hear a .40SW is effective.

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