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Guard Dog taking over for HydraShok

This is a discussion on Guard Dog taking over for HydraShok within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The way I see it is to either: Get a paint ball gun. Shotgun with plastic bullets. Fill the walls with ballistic gel. Believe that ...

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Thread: Guard Dog taking over for HydraShok

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    The way I see it is to either:

    Get a paint ball gun.

    Shotgun with plastic bullets.

    Fill the walls with ballistic gel.

    Believe that the change that actually happened. No one promised is would be good.


    Actually do some critical thinking..........

    Wot part of 'public servant' don't they understand!

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    Read the test results. It appears that it will just make it past 4 walls. That is still enough to kill a few neighbors or someone in the next room in your house. The test was with drywall and I do not know anyone that has 15 drywall walls in their home. The bullets that miss will certainly go through drywall but then they may hot stucco, plywood, etc. which will effect their penetration.

    I was once taught a good technique when penetration is a problem. I was told to kneel and shoot in an upward direction so that if I missed my bullets would go high and over the heads of anyone close by and over the homes of others further away. I guess you can also shoot in a downward direction too if you are able to. In my case I have a 6' stucco and cinderblock wall around three sides of my property which helps.

    As for the comment about going to prison if you miss a BG and your bullet kills someone, I do not think that is the case unless it can be shown that you were reckless. If three guys broke down your door and entered your home with guns and you shot at them and hit an innocent bystander I believe that criminal charges would not be filed but sure as heck you will end up in civil court. Of course if you spray a mag of 17 rounds at one guy that is a different story.

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    All this talk of trying to find a round that will solve or reduce over penetration is missing the point and is total marketing hype! Unless you live in a house made if steel, if you miss, the bullet WILL OVER PENETRATE! The focus needs to be more on shooting skills and less on what happens if you miss! Any miss in the home with any ammo will over penetrate! Show me a round that won't and this same round will not be effective in stopping a BG. If you worry more about hitting your target and less about over penetration you will be in much better shape! Want a round that will not over penetrate? It's called a bb gun and good luck stopping a BG with that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchellCT View Post
    Available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, Guard Dog Home Defense is a full-metal-jacket style non-hollowpoint that's filled with an expanding polymer, which is designed to minimize over-penetration when shooting through interior walls. Guard Dog Home Defense expands rapidly but doesn't fill with barrier material. During Federal's testing, Guard Dog was shot into four wall-like surfaces and a layer of ballistic gel. Results were that the ammo did not penetrate the gel. Conversely, traditional hollowpoints punched through 15 inches of gel after passing through the same four wall-like surfaces.

    Federal Premium Guard Dog Ammo



    You have ammo in your gun that won't bother a bad guy who happens to be partially obscured by an interior wall in your house.


    No way, no how.

    Not if Jesus endorsed it for use on the devil.
    It maybe due to the job but personally I will never shoot at a target I can't see. Wasting ammo on panicked shots won't do you any good when someone is in your home. You have home field advantage. If your assailant has moved out of sight than you should know the best possible route to either cut them off or get a better angle for yourself against where they are headed. For me the lack of penetration through walls is nothing to be concerned with. If protection of your loved ones is the highest concern then you shouldn't be chasing anyways, getting further and further away from what you're protecting.

    There's a great piece on over penetration for hollow points on brass
    Most of the rounds tested were the more popular rounds that are considered the industry standard and all of them, aside from cor-Bon, suffered from massive over penetration when hitting bone first, due to failure to expand. I know that drywall isn't the same thing but you have to take into consideration that your rounds might not even blossom and thru and thru your target with minimal damage. All efmj rounds excelled at blossoming after initial contact with bone or other hard surfaces and penetrated below the 12 inch average body width.

    If your only form of home defense is spray and pray through walls call of duty style than go ahead with a high grain hollow point. For me the chance of causing harm to something that I don't intend to kill is too great with the other rounds and I'm confident in my ability to stay calm and take aimed shots as opposed to dumping a clip and hoping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyndo View Post
    I might consider it if I lived in an apartment but I dont really liked my .45 rounds less than 200 grains. I would consider the EFMJ if they were a little bit heavier, I think the concept may have value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakyjake View Post
    The chances of me needing to shoot through a windshield, plywood, sheet metal to defend my life is near zero (unlike law enforcement that does traffic stops). Knowing how poorly pistol bullets perform on human targets, how inaccurate most are at hitting a critical part of the target to immediately stop the threat, and having to go through hard barrier. I'm probably not even going to stand there and try to gun down the target. I figure my chances of defending myself are much higher if I simply run.

    In an apartment/condo, the chances are much higher for the need to defend myself. And the last thing I would want is to fire through wall board and hit an innocent child or other victim, I would rather die in the attack. So I'd choose something that would be less danger to other innocents.

    Weighing those options, I'd choose my ballistics for apartment/condo.

    Could not agree more.

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    Also because New Jersey.

    The HST is the replacement for the Hydra-shok.
    Rowe/Higgins 2016!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuda66 View Post
    C'mon...Federal's just trying horn in on Hornady's "Critical Defense" and Extreme Shock in the "bad round, slick marketing" category.
    My thoughts exactly. Another Gimmick.

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