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Double Tap Ammo

This is a discussion on Double Tap Ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was reading my subscription to Boarhunter and saw an advertisement to Double Tap ammo. This ammo has been recommended by Ted Nugent. I was ...

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Thread: Double Tap Ammo

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    Double Tap Ammo

    I was reading my subscription to Boarhunter and saw an advertisement to Double Tap ammo. This ammo has been recommended by Ted Nugent. I was thinking of buying some boxes of 45 for my Colt 1911 and also 40 for my Glocks. Has anyone had any good reviews for them.

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    I buy their 10mm 180g JHP. Some folks here have stated their published chrono results don't correspond to their real world testing, I don't own a chrono so I have no idea. I am happy with the ammo however.

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    I had some of their 230 grain bonded HPs for my DW CBOB. It functioned great and seemed pretty "HOT". It's been a while back, so I can't remember if it was +P, or not.
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    180 JHP 10mm for me :smile
    1305fps makes it pretty nasty.
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    Massad Ayboo recommends and uses DT-158, so I ordered a few boxes in .38+P for my S&W 640. It’s certainly a handful when fired, and I have yet to find anything better in a non-magnum factory load.
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    I've shot .380, 9mm, and 45ACP. All feed fine and were very accurate. Expect a bit of recoil - this is very strong ammo.
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    I use DT when I dont reload, and have chronographed it. It is what it claims.

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    I agree. Double Tap is good ammo. I used to carry it and still have a boat load of 9 mm 147gr

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    You can get 10% off your order by putting:


    in the promo code.

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    I have a couple hundred in .357 mag 125 grain JHP. It is pretty hot. It makes my Model 28 jump but is dead on accurate. I tried five in my Model 649 and that was enough.

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    I have shot and carried a variety of their 10mm and .380ACP ammo. Not one problem, the ammo is very hot. Very well put together. That's why I went with it. Plus they make 9x25 Dillion which will be going into my G29 soon.

    DoubleTap Ammunition

    2120fps wowzers.
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    I use it exclusively in my carry guns. .380, 9mm and 45.

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    (click below on the link)

    I've used it since it first came out, so have many others, esp. 10mm owners.

    38+(. 9mm+P, 45+P, 10mm, and 40.and even .380!

    Enhanced velocity (hot) ammo with superb quality control and accuracy.

    They even have thier own headstamp.

    Look here for some of my DT photos.

    DOUBLE TAP pictures by czrami - Photobucket

    I've just tested some loads through two Rugers and a CZ as well.

    No chrono data becuase it was an indoor range.

    If you like hot ammo, then DT will make you a believer.

    Doubletapammo Shop

    Ruger or CZ, Double Tap Ammo Delivers! - THR
    FB: CZ 2075 RAMI Owners USA

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    I've been using DT ammo in my 45 and 9mm Glocks......even with shorter barrels than their test guns, they chrono pretty close to advertised velocities......and Extremely Accurate! I won't buy anything else for carry ammo. Ive already received several hundred rounds for my Sig p239 in 357 Sig that I have on order. Awesome Ammo!!
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