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What ammo do you carry?

This is a discussion on What ammo do you carry? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a Golden Sabre man too. 9mm 124gr +p .38 special 125 gr +p .45 acp 185 gr standard pressure This stuff just seems to ...

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Thread: What ammo do you carry?

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    Jun 2006
    I'm a Golden Sabre man too.
    9mm 124gr +p
    .38 special 125 gr +p
    .45 acp 185 gr standard pressure
    This stuff just seems to be very accurate out of my guns in the loadings I have tried.
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    Speer 135gr Gold Dot short barrel in my .38 snubbie.

    Any quality 230gr fmj in my .45, whic I rarely carry. Strange ammo choice I know, but my thinking is that utter reliability is more important than the risk of over penetration and any 230gr bullet .45 in diameter is big enough to do the job without expansion.

    It worked in two world wars, so who am I to second guess? Plus they are cheap to practice with, so I can practice with what I carry without going bankrupt. I have never had cycling problems with HPs in my 1911, but I have had in other autos, so why take the chance?
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    as far as getting ballistic gelatin, i had some once.

    when i was in 8th grade i did a science project on terminal ballistics, and my dad took me over to a patient of his' house - Joe Zambone - who has since passed on.

    i got go see thousands of tax deductible guns - from davis .25s to a Barrett Light Fifty. I also got samples in .45 acp of Magsafe, Golden Saber, Gold Dot, Hydrashock, and hardball. He even gave me the powder to make ballistic gelatin, and the recipe.

    the powder came from massive cardboard barrels with plastic lids, and was probably a better deal to buy in bulk judging by how much he had on hand.

    the recipe was something like take a cup of the stuff, and a half gallon of water, microwave it for a couple minutes in a cut-off gallong milk jug, then put it in the fridge overnight to set.

    it took a few blocks for each test, since they were only about 8 inches thick, and after shooting them i dug the bullets out. pretty sweet! it was a mess after it started getting soft though - gooey slime, gallons of it. and it stinks after a bit too, just so you know.

    but basically, if you know someone, they might hook you up with a little for free if you ask nice.

    the magsafes made a massive temporary shock cavity! other ones were textbook. i wouldn't carry a frangible like that though - i think it might look bad if medics arrive on scene and theres a 6 inch round hole in a guys chest and you're holding a gun....and he's still alive.

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    Dec 2006
    Speer 135 gr. +p gold dot (638)
    Rem 185gr G Saber (3" .45ACP)
    Speer 230 gr. gold dot short bbl (Xd .45 - 4")
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    I carry a .40 and use 180 grain Winchester RA40Ts for EDC. Whatever is cheapest for the range.

    Also, if I wanted to try gelatin I'd probably give one of these a try. Never used them but they look interesting.

    <a target="_top" href="http://www.cybernations.net/default.asp?Referrer=TonyW"><img src="http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd188/18932471/imgad2-1.png" border="0"></a>

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    Jun 2006
    Jacksonville, Fl
    Federal Hydrashok 230gr .45 acp or 124gr 9mm.
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    Mar 2007
    In my Glock 17 I carry 124grs JHP Funnel Point handload (1270 ft/s) and in spare magazin 123grs Lapua Mega Shock handload (1280 ft/s).
    In 357 Ruger SP 101 3" 125grs JHP Funnel Point handload ( 1470ft/s) and when I go hunting,I change loads to 9mm 120grs Lapua C.E.P.P. handload (1300ft/s) or 357 158grs JSP Hirtenberger (1300ft/s).

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    My goals: Extreme reliability; low flash/smoke; reasonably easy to acquire.

    Currently carrying DoubleTap 9mm 124gr +P in my CZ P01. Feeds extremely smoothly and well; is completely reliable; has low flash and smoke; does tremendous damage through a side of beef (out in the field) hung from a tree branch. Is the most powerful load I've found, yet it's completely controllable. Previously carried Federal Hydrashok Tactical 124gr +P+, which was similar, but with less punch. Very good load.

    Previously, ran Remington Golden Saber 115gr +P through my Browning BDM 9mm (8-12 yrs ago). Worked very well and was reliable, though with much lower energy.
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    Central FL
    In the .45 Micro, 230gr Gold Dot short barrel loads.

    In the Commander, 185gr +P Federal EFMJ.

    In the 638 snub, 135gr +P Gold Dot short barrel loads.
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    Sep 2005
    South Florida
    Winchester Ranger.
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    Mar 2007

    Talking Very good choise for 9mm.

    This is a LAPUA Mega Shock 9mm 123grs which hit a gelatine at 1270 ft/s. Im very satisfied.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails What ammo do you carry?-123grs-mega-shock-zip.jpg  

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    Jul 2006
    Central Florida
    Winchester Ranger
    SXT 45 ACP

    Works for me...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    Oct 2005
    Cincinnati, OH
    .380 Walther PPK Winchester Ranger
    .40 XD Federal HST 165 gr
    .45 Springfield Federal HST 230 gr

    Shoots well for me!

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    Dayton, Nevada
    Cor-Bon DPX in all my CCW's!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    230g (.45) Golden Sabers for carry.
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