Buying ammo in calibers I don't own

Buying ammo in calibers I don't own

This is a discussion on Buying ammo in calibers I don't own within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering how many of you buy ammo in calibers you don't own. I'm slowly adding to my firearm collection but I only currently ...

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Thread: Buying ammo in calibers I don't own

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    Buying ammo in calibers I don't own

    I was wondering how many of you buy ammo in calibers you don't own. I'm slowly adding to my firearm collection but I only currently have a .40 and 357/.38 in handguns. I've got a box of 9mm and .45 but I've been thinking about stocking up on common calibers whether I own something in it or not. That way, I'll be set when I eventually get something in that caliber or I can wind up selling or trading what I've got if I need to. It looks like ammo will probably never be as cheap as it is now again, not that its cheap.

    Since everyone seems to have great things to say about Georgia Arms, I was considering ordering some Canned Heat in .38, .357MAG, 9mm, .45 ACP and then getting some boxes of things like 45LC, .380, .44MAG, .357SIG and some others from Wal-Mart or elsewhere. Point being, I'll have my bases covered.
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    This is what is known as devous stockpiling,after accumulating a few hundred sometimes thousands of rounds in a caliber you don't have,you can then approach the Wife/Hubby unit and declare oh darn I can't believe I bought the wrong ammo,there is a no ammo return policy so I guess I'm gonna have to just get a gun that shoots it..You must be careful wnen and how often you use this technique,As an advance warning my SO has never fallen for it and it ends up in a compromise that I usually end up with the short end of
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    Currently, Georgia arms has no reloaded canned heat in .45ACP. It's all new, and it's $200. (I only know because I'm probably going to be getting some of it this weekend, so I called them.)
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    I'd rather have more ammo for the ones that I do have, but that's just me.
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    I was thinking OP might be taking a lesson from the ammo shortage in '09. Stockpile ammo in anticipation of a shortage to cash in on big profits when prices spike because 10,000 other people had the same idea and create a shortage, which triggers panic buying, causing empty store shelves far and wide. Next thing you know, people are selling $20 boxes of .380 ammo on for $50 a box.

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    I am a hoarder by nature - but no ammo in calibers I don't own.

    Having said this, I'd add some 10 mm to your list.

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    Besides a reason to purchase a new firearm in a SHTF situation it does provide trading stock for something you may need.
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    if the economy fails and TSHTF ammo,water and food will be the new currency at least for awhile. Might not be a bad idea to stock up if you are finding other calibers that are cheap. Could come in handy down the road as a barter/trade item.
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    I'd be stocking up on the ammo for guns I own...can't have too much.
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    If you find a price that can't be beat, why not? Ammo lasts for years and it always slowly getting more expensive.
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    I have been stocking up on guns for ammo I do not own for years..........

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    Its funny that I ran across this thread b/c I was thinking about doing the same thing. I want to get an AR15 (Really thinking hard about a Noveske) and I was thinking about buying some 5.56 ammo. I'm such a nerd, however, that I have even went to a higher degree than this and have actually thought about buying some magazines for the rifle that I don't have yet.

    Maybe I'll do this after I stockpile in the calibers I already have - which I have already started to do, etc.

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    Really can't see spending money on ammo that I can not currently use. Buying on a "what if" idea just does not make sense. Buy sufficient bulk quantities of ammo for the guns you already have. Extra of that can easily be used as SHTF currency especially if it is common - IE 9mm, 45Auto, 22LR, .380 etc.

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    My broker told me the best buys right now are canned goods and ammo. Silver coins, food, TP, guns and ammo, gas, medicine, food...did I say food?

    If you get a reloading kit, you just have to stock up on primers and powder. With a melter and wheelweights, you can hang the bullet molds right next to the kevlar shirts and tin foil hats. A set of dies for that dream caliber isn't that much. Can't have enough 22lr on hand either.

    If you get a grain grinder, you just have to stock up on whole grains. You can sprout wheat berries, but I havent had any luck turning lead into gold.

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    Ammo dang sure aint getting any cheaper.

    I remember stuff that was selling for 60 bucks a 1000. I wish I had stockpiled it up then.

    At some point in time, ammo will be like'll be able to barter it for whatever you need.
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