Practice ammo??

Practice ammo??

This is a discussion on Practice ammo?? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What type of ammunition do you practice with and what kind do you carry? I have one 20 round box of Speer GoldDot 230 GR ...

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Thread: Practice ammo??

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    Practice ammo??

    What type of ammunition do you practice with and what kind do you carry?

    I have one 20 round box of Speer GoldDot 230 GR GDHP that cost me about $20 and I have two magazines loaded with it that I carry.

    When I go to the range to practice or shoot IDPA I use Sellier & Bellot 230 GR FMJ that I get 50 round boxes for about $10.

    Does it make a difference at all about what type of ammo you use to train with?
    Timmy Jimmy

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    My major concern with my practice ammo is that the bullet weight be the same as my carry ammo so that it shoots to the same point of aim.I tend to use Winchester White box 'cause it's the cheapest at WalMart.I avoid Wolf ammo because it's so dirty.

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    I feel a little different in that weight does not make a great difference if you are practicing at combat range. If you are practicing beyond 7 yards, weight and whose ammo you are using makes a big difference. At combat range you are aiming at vital areas at a short distance and weight and manufacturer dosen't come in play too much on a paper target. Placement does. For carry in my 45 I use a Corbon DPX+P and in my G17 I use a Gold Dot but I use Wolf in both for practice. I buy Wolf in 1000's lots for little money.

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    I do rate economy as a major factor for practice and will accept any minor accuracy issues - even dirtier ammo I can tolerate. If weight changes POI a bit and I know what my carry ammo does, again no problem.

    It's prime purpose being practice means it is creating recoil and punching a hole - pretty much enough to help us train.
    Chris - P95
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    WWB for practice and Corbon for carry.

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    Fiochi for practice, Car-Bon for carry
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    Most of the time my practice ammo is winchester white box. My carry ammo depends on what gun im carrying. Anything from gold dots to corbon to golden sabers and even some customs.

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    Reloads for practice, Gold Dots(9mm) or Winchester Ranger (40+45) for carry.
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    I practice with 180g .40s&w CCI Blazer Brass, and my carry ammo is Speer Gold dot 180g .40S&w.

    Timmy check out You can buy 50 round boxes of carry ammo for what you are paying for 20 round boxes.

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    Reloads or American Eagle .45ACP FMJ or SWC for practice, matching carry bullet weight. Remington Golden Saber BJHP .45ACP for carry, 185gr in my Ultra Carry or 230gr in my Kimber Custom Target.
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    Recently, I've been using the Remington/UMC 9mm FMJ and Remington Express JHP for range.

    Have typically used Remington Golden Sabre JHP +P for carry, but am exploring the CorBon JHP and PowrBall for carry. Must exhibit 100% reliability, great ballistics. Should be generally available, which just about nixes the CorBon's, but they're so excellent otherwise. I'm fairly retentive about practicing a lot with the carry rounds, to ensure reliability, so I suppose you can say that these are also my range rounds.
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    I get the "Wally World" 100 rd bricks of Winchester FMJ for practice and carry Corbon DPX!

    I like to shoot up my old Corbon about every six months and buy new for carry.
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    115 gr. FMJ WWB for the Range
    124 gr. +P JHP Remington Golden Saber for carry
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    I've been shooting 230 gr.Remington UMC for practice in my .45 (the 3" Kimber loves the stuff) and carry either Golden Saber or Hydrashok 230 gr.
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    I reload for my training / practice rounds. I shoot up my carry stock up about every 6-8 months.
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