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Best .22LR ammo for self defense

This is a discussion on Best .22LR ammo for self defense within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by LanceORYGUN And there are a number of 9mm pistols significantly smaller than the PPS ( Kahr PM9, CM9, Ruger LC9, Sig P290 ...

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Thread: Best .22LR ammo for self defense

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanceORYGUN View Post
    And there are a number of 9mm pistols significantly smaller than the PPS ( Kahr PM9, CM9, Ruger LC9, Sig P290 ), not to mention all of the many even far smaller pistols in .380

    The Walther P22 makes absolutely no sense at all for use as a concealed carry handgun. It is way too big to make any sense to carry.
    I think it is deceptively small and light. It has the look of a larger gun. But compared to my Glock 19 or even my wife's Walther PK380, it is very small and lightweight. Anyway, the point is moot because I don't carry it anymore. My wife and I both own our very own large and small guns for carry purpose. My two are the Glock 19 and the Taurus TCP 738. So I have no need to carry the P22 anymore. Not only that, but I've come to learn the joy of having custom-fit holsters and I like those much better than generic holsters and there really are no custom fit models for the P22.. Well, there is one but everybody who has one hates it because it is so tight the gun won't go in or out of it properly.

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    For guns that chamber it reliably I use Stingers. My second choice is the Remington Yellow Jacket or Viper, both are fast and with a semi-wadcutter profile, so rhey also must be tested for feed reliability. I had a NAA Mini revolver that would keyhole light and fast loads so I fed it Winchesters old 42gr shilouette load, and when that was discontinued, I tried the old segmented subsonics (Aguilla used to load them, now CCI does if you can find it) or the long Aguila SSS.
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    Tape two of them together for a .44.

    Really though, If I had to choose, I'd stick with my squirrel hunting choice; Green Tags.
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    I like Stingers, Mini Mags and Velocitors. HV copper jacketed would seem to be good as well. Look we all know the round isn't a man stopper for a drugged up or determined adversary, but we are also aware that the mere presence of a gun is an effective means to end an encounter. Very few people would volunteer to be on the other end of a barrel regardless of caliber.

    Also, the low recoil aids in getting multiple projectiles on target quickly, and that seems promising as well. Few years back, two DEA were undercover taking down some Mexillegals in AZ. The DEA had .45s, the thugs had a 10/22 and a shotgun. A gunfight broke out... The first shot from the .22 hit one agent in the heart and dropped him right there, dead before he hit the ground. The other agent wounded as well shot one of the bad guys with his .45 several times as he managed to escape. He was found dead over 200 yards away, so you can imagine how long he survived to get that far. Luckily for the other agent he chose to turn and run instead of fight. On the other hand the deceased agent didn't get a chance to get a round off. So the moral of the story is... Placement, placement, placement. And a little bit of luck cannot hurt.

    I just bought today a Ruger SR22 pistol. It is meant for plinking fun, my EDC is a Glock 27 but I wouldn't hesitate to use it if it was all I had.

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    I'm currently carrying a Taurus PT22- because I can't carry the 1911 or .357 since my surgery- and, I use the CCI Mini Mags. I haven't had any feed issues or 'duds' with them.

    And, they're not badly priced locally ($7.50-8/100).
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Hawk View Post
    True, but I'd still prefer to aim at the center of their back in that scenario, and then continue to fire until he drops.
    Figure that if you're behind them and hit them COM in the back, you stand a greater chance of hitting critical spinal cord areas and dropping them much sooner and more probably than if from the front where there is much more tissue and bone to penetrate.

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    Out of my 10/22, Mini Mags are the most accurate ammo I have found so I would go with them.

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    CCI Stingers, If I had to use a .22 for sd
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    1st of all, theres a big difference between a 2" barrel pistol and a 22" rifle in velocity.
    2nd: accuracy is a moot point. You will most likely use it at bad breath distances

    Get some old phone books. Soak them in water. Then take them out in the woods and shoot them with the gun in question. You can measure penitration and observe the damage it causes. This will tell you what round to carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danwdooley View Post
    Figure that if you're behind them and hit them COM in the back, you stand a greater chance of hitting critical spinal cord areas and dropping them much sooner and more probably than if from the front where there is much more tissue and bone to penetrate.
    What're the odds that a rampager is wearing armor?
    Our current plan for Universal Iron Lung coverage, just sayin'.
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    I missed this (back in it's day). Apparently it's come back and given me another opportunity. Listen....if you want to use a 22LR for personal defense....then by all means do so. I have no qualms about what you do. Just one thing....please promise that you'll never attempt to defend anyone else with it and keep that in mind. Also....keep in mind that the high powered 22LR rounds can and do shred little varmints to pieces. Varmints and little furry nuisances are not like humans, and especially be concerned with bone structure. I won't delve much into the science of 22LR VS human or what I've learned over the years shooting 22LR in many applications. If you wish to use a 22LR for any defensive application, then shoot for the eyes or the throat on humans. Use 40gr lead solids. If you're thinking HV or HP rounds will have better penetration or more shock effect...then you just need to look at the math on FPS and diameter of projectile. Blood loss or disabling the CNS is number one before even considering shock effect. If you want to put your assailant down quickly with a must definitely adhere to a few rules of engagement and you need to be an expert shot......otherwise you'll be shooting a lot of ammo and hoping that your assailant will die of infection very quickly rather than shock or blood loss. Keep simple things simple.....the hot stuff on the market for 22LR dispatches varmints very well on the first shot. Humans are not the same as varmints (even though they can be pests). Don't over think the 22LR for self defense or give into thoughts of what's good for groundhogs should be good to take down Joe criminal. Also realize that you have no good reason to listen to anything I say nor my opinions. You're still on your own and what you personally decide is going to be what's best for you in the end. The what you stare in the face the day you need to ultimately defend yourself with what you chose to do so with. Thinking about this one thing may or may not cause you to choose something different now before it all comes down to that point in time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Hawk View Post
    True, but I'd still prefer to aim at the center of their back in that scenario, and then continue to fire until he drops. The reason being the amount of stress you'll be under prior to the shot, not to mention the crazy adrenaline dump which will be coursing throughout your veins. The chances of being close enough to a person to make a sure headshot in that situation without them spotting you is also very, very low.
    To state the obvious, if armed with a .22LR handgun in this scenario, it would not be a good time to play the hero. But if taking cover isn't an option, consider that the villians in these scenarios have often been known to don body armor, in which case they may not even feel a body shot. If you're forced to engage, throw him off his game by running TOWARDS him, ideally from behind, and start emptying your weapon as you approach point blank range; head, neck, and eyeball shots. Regardless, you're putting yourself at huge risk by shooting at an armed mad-man with a pocket rocket.

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    I'd feel most confident with high-velocity 40 grain solids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adric22 View Post
    Unfortunately, the Stinger is not compatible with all .22 handguns, including the Walther P22, which is what I have. There are a lot of boneheads out on the internet saying they use it, but Walther and CCI both have warnings posted not to use it. The rounds are too long and do not fit all the way in the barrel. They are known to explode out the side of the casing as a result. CCI Velocitors or Mini Mags are probably the next best bet.
    Hmmmm. I've run many a Stinger through my P22. Do you have a link to that issue on a Walther site?

    Mine will eat plain old Remington 22 lr but that is the only thing other than MiniMags and Stingers it will eat.
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    I would just shoot the hottest round that you know it always cycles.

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