Slight surprise shooting 40 caliber

Slight surprise shooting 40 caliber

This is a discussion on Slight surprise shooting 40 caliber within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yesterday I finally got to do a little testing shooting hollowpoints into water jugs with my Glock 27. This was the first time I was ...

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Thread: Slight surprise shooting 40 caliber

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    Slight surprise shooting 40 caliber

    Yesterday I finally got to do a little testing shooting hollowpoints into water jugs with my Glock 27. This was the first time I was able to shoot jugs with it. My daughter went with me and ws shooting her BB gun also. In addition to the water jugs we had some old past experiation date pop cans, still full.

    I wanted to compare a FMJ flat nose round to a jackedted hollowpoint on the water jugs.
    The flat nose rounds were factory reloads from Bitteroot Valley, and the hollowpoints were Hornady XTP both in 180 grains.

    I was surprised that the flat nose round did more damage to the water jug than my 38 special. I had expected just a caliber size entrance and near caliber size exit hole. The round split the water jug almost all the way from top to bottom on the entrance side.

    Of course as expected the hollowpoint split the jug also, more than the flat nose, but the difference was not as much as I had expected. I guess the 40 caliber hits harder than the 38 even in flat nose ammo, and once the jug splits it disperses the energy quite fast.

    Another interesting development was that the BB gun was able to split the pop cans wide open almost as well as the 40 caliber flat nose ammo. After having to talk my daughter into trying shooting a pop can I couldn't get her to stop!
    We had fun but the clean up was a little sticky.

    Just goes to show, shot placement matters more than caliber, even if its .177 vs .40.

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    I wonder, Who had more fun?

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    both kids had fun...

    I'm betting the cans got a little shakin b4 the bb...the carbonated pressure wanting out split the can

    the 40 TC is an odd shape, yet most effective. though todays 'filled' HP's may work through heavy clothing i have my golden sabers and am too well stocked to change.
    but if i was just getting into 40 for self defense, they would be on my list of to try.
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    Shooting with the kids, lots of fun, and will last a lifetime.
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    Next time use diet, not so sticky.
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    Great fun. My boys still remember some of their shooting "firsts" with me. Priceless!
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