Reloads need thoughts on use of

Reloads need thoughts on use of

This is a discussion on Reloads need thoughts on use of within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm new to guns so I need some advice. A neighbor (Marine/Korean Vet) who has spend his entire life shooting and reloading gave me about ...

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Thread: Reloads need thoughts on use of

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    Reloads need thoughts on use of

    I'm new to guns so I need some advice. A neighbor (Marine/Korean Vet) who has spend his entire life shooting and reloading gave me about 1,500 rounds of reloaded 45 caliber ammo. He marked each box of 50 with the recipe. For example,
    45 caliber 230 GR FMJ FN (Bullet, Weight, Brand & Style) 47 GR Hodg Tight Group (Powder, Weight, Brand) CCI 300(Primer);
    45 caliber 230 GR, FMJ (Bullet, Weight, Brand & Style) Tight Group (Powder, Weight, Brand), CCI 300 (primer)
    45 caliber 230 GR FMJ, (Bullet, Weight, Brand & Style) 4.8 GR Win 231
    (Powder, Weight, Brand), Fed 150 (Primer). I hope this makes sense.

    Currently, I do not own a 45 Caliber. I'm leaning toward a Glock 36 which I would use for EDC.

    Does anyone see any issues with me shooting these reloads in a Glock 36? If so, what other brand/gun would you recommend and why?

    Thanks in advance for your time and insight.

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    rule is you don't shoot other peoples re-loads

    With that out of the way from the info you gave i can do one for instance...lymans 49th shows 5.2gr of 231 as a starting point. So on the surface 4.8 seems awfully light—being that it is below today’s tested minimum. Could be a great target load in a colt 1917 but too light to cycle a 1911 unless you lighten the bbl spring. But you say they may be old and the formula for powders changes over the years though the name is kept. For the others, ALL the printed info he did is needed to discuses this.

    I teach re-loading so....i would from each box take a couple rounds, pull the bullets and weigh the powder. What trust—i have to verify. Also, though i can compare the physical looks of his powder to todays—even the shape may be different and the density of color may have been the same but changed over the years.

    If they weighed proper ( no heavy or magnum charges) i would test fire a few—but i have some guns , like black hawks, that are tougher than tough. But weight the value of a possibly damaged gun ( or you) to the price of ‘free’ ammo.
    Lot of ‘buts’ here. But, sigh, the answer is not for safety reasons a simple yes or no.

    If you can still talk with him, perhaps go to the range together and shoot some of this in his guns and than in yours.
    It well may be he is very competent and these are great target rounds. And a great deal
    Good luck.
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    interesting title, yoda

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    Sounds to me like this guy was pretty conscientious about reloading,My reloads end up in Ziplock baggies since they have a shelf life of about 2 weeks tops,I have several friends that shoot my reloads and have complete faith in them.I don't load "hot" loads.Like Claude said,see if he will take you to the range and shoot some thru his guns to see how they feel,if they shoot great and the way he records the data I would shoot them.
    This reminds me of a situation about 20 years ago,we were dove hunting in north central Kansas,we were running low on shells,lots of shots few birds,we were eating in a small town cafe and were asking if there was a place we could buy more shells,this one guy said he had some reloads that his dad had made awhile back and he would sell them for 3.00 a box,we thought that was great and everybody bought at least one box.
    Later that afternoon Dove are coming in pretty heavy and were starting to get into the reloads,to say it was like playing russian roulette was an under statement,we had shells that when you pulled the trigger you could see the shot come out and hit the ground in front of youi,to some that when you pulled the trigger you had to walk back a couple feet to pick your shoulder up they were seriously "HOT".we quit shooting called it a good lesson and went home with all our guns still in one piece.Never again did I buy reloaded ammo from somebody I didn't personally know and trust
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    One thing you might consider is that shooting reloads usually voids your warranty. That aside, it looks like he was very careful about documenting what he did, which is a good sign.
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