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This is a discussion on Walmart Ammo Policy within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; At my Wal-Mart they just put it in a bag and hand it to me....

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Thread: Walmart Ammo Policy

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    At my Wal-Mart they just put it in a bag and hand it to me.
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    In the last 18 months I have bought almost 3500 rounds of 9MM FMJ ammo at Wally world and never had an issue (for Gunfighting Classes that require Factory Ammo). The first 9 months I had to do the max 6 boxes of 100 rounds of WWB every couple of weeks. After that it was all I wanted to carry out of there. Yes, I paid for it at the Sporting Goods Counter and walked out the front door with all of it, while carrying my G-19 IWB under my Hard Rock Golf Shirt from London GB.
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    i am thinking of buying ammo tomorrow at my wallyworld just to see what goes on...usually they ask me to report back on how said ammo works...they are pretty awesome at my wallyworld...

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    Any policy or procedure that brings special attention to purchases like this is not only bad but can be dangerous. When I bought my Glock 27 at Academy Sports during a decent sale a while back, they walked it up to the register, I paid, and then they continued to walk it out the door and wouldn't hand it to me until we were outside. Because of this, the greeter recognized what I bought and whenever I went back, if he was working he would loudly ask, "Hey man, you shot anyone yet?" or "You packin tonight?" which would draw looks. I had to talk to him and explain why he needed to stop doing that, and he did. He was an older guy just wanting to have a little friendly banter and didn't think about what he was saying.

    No issues so far at my Wal-Mart other then trying to find someone that has a key so they can sell it to me.
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    It's very possible the purpose is to discourage people from adding 'extras' to the bag on their way out. Stop by sporting goods, but a pack of .22s for $15, then meander past electronics and toss a few more expensive items in the bag on the way out. Taping it shut makes it pretty obvious is some lowlife is trying to rip it open to jam more in there.

    Any more, my local one knows me well enough that they'll let me take it to the front (when I first went, they had me pay immediately), although typically I just make it my last stop and pay for everything there....their line is usually shorter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    Three walmarts in our county, one of them does just that the other two do not....
    Here too. They all require you to pay at sporting goods.

    Posted on another thread just a little bit ago;
    I don't know why it matters but I almost always get asked at Wal-Mart if the handgun ammo I'm buying is for a handgun or rifle. I'm over 50. I've just gotten into the habit of saying rifle for everything. The cashier will just kind of grin and nod. Someone once told me it was because they had a policy of not selling handgun ammo after certain hours. But for the last year or so they won't sell any ammo after 9pm. They also sometimes ask for a phone number. I give them the number of someone I don't like.
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