Great Ammunition and helping defend CCWs.

New Auction for Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, proceeds go to the Legal Defense Fund

Vincent Shuck, our Network Vice President has announced the auction of another great merchandise contribution to the Network's Legal Defense Fund. This contribution is from CorBon Ammunition. The auction item is posted on in the Charity Section as item #236342147.

The new item is one (1) case (500 rounds) of CorBon 9mm +P 100 gr self-defense ammunition. This jacketed hollow point and high velocity +P load features a bullet cavity topped with a polymer ball and was donated by CorBon, CORBON - Welcome to CORBON with a retail value of approximately $600. The ammunition will be drop shipped from CorBon, but cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Massachusetts. Illinois residents must provide copy of FOID card. Cannot be shipped to a PO Box. Adult signature required. Know your local restrictions before bidding.