The best 9mm non+p defensive round?

The best 9mm non+p defensive round?

This is a discussion on The best 9mm non+p defensive round? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am lost in all the charts and discussions about defensive ammunition. Just tell me what to buy and I will buy it.... lol I ...

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    The best 9mm non+p defensive round?

    I am lost in all the charts and discussions about defensive ammunition. Just tell me what to buy and I will buy it.... lol I need a defensive round that won't create significantly more recoil than standard practice ammo such as magtech 115gr. fmc 9a. Kahr pm9 & Glock 26


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    The variaty that fits is wide , but it is hard to go wrong with federal hydroshock , some do better on some things , but over all no matter the weight its hard to find better ammo that will be avalable localy on demand .
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    the federal is very very good. i also like the winchester silvertip, if it feeds well in your gun (almost always seems to). i am partial to winchester silvertip, and have never had a single failure with it in any caliber or gun. it is an older design, but a very good quality product. my sheriff strongly recommended it to me.
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    js - you may like to browse an Ammo Data Sheet I put together after testing many rounds thru an R9 - it gives some figures on velocities etc from that gun - all std velocity stuff.

    You might also like to view some other pages on test results, with some expansion pics too in wetpack - R9 FAQ. I favor and use for carry in that gun 124 Gold Dots.

    Check out too Steve Camp's site - where he has done all sorts of 9mm (and other) tests.


    To add - most defensive modern ammo is pretty good - most of all, your choice must operate 100% in your gun and be suitably accurate for you.
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    I prefer federal hydrashok for non+P shooting, it is hard to go wrong with em.
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    Pick a weight and get different manufactures and try them pick the one that works best for you. Any premium ammo will serve you well. Don't get to caught up in the numbers most rounds are close enough to each other unless you want a particular bullet characteristic.

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    Some good SD rounds include some classics as other here posted: Winchester 115 grain Silvertip JHPs and Federal 115 grain "9BP" JHPs and "newer" technology Speer Gold Dot 124 grain standard velocity JHPs.
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    Federal HST

    Check out the Federal HST - +p velocity in a standard pressure rd with a newer advanced bullet design than Hydra-shock (also highly recommended).

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    I like others on here will recommend the Federal loads as well.
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    One of the reasons I picked the non+P 124 GD's (besides their accuracy) was the fact that I could use 124 grain Blazers or Lawman loads for practice.

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    Dont overlook remington golden sabers either. You could check out hornaday as well. Both are non +p and work great in my gun. Whatever you pick be sure to get enough to test out and see if it will cycle properly in your gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by js
    The best 9mm non+p defensive round?
    The one that won't fail in your gun. Which one is that? Dunno. You'll need to shoot a lot of rounds and then decide. You can get anyone's recommendation, but if that ammo jams in your carry gun, then what good was that recommendation?? That can get you killed.

    Everyone has a favorite ... for different reasons. Those reasons might not be the same as yours. Every type of gun has slight differences as compared to other makes/models of of guns, hence what might work well for one might well not work for another. (ie, the KelTec P32 and P3AT are finicky on ammo, but the Browning BDM 9mm will swallow anything.) Caution.

    That said ...

    I've long been partial to the Remington Golden Saber JHP in 115gr, either +P or standard-pressure. In my experience over 11yrs of shooting and practicing for concealed carry duty, they have proven the most reliable I've found. Feeding, firing, ejection: all of these have been wonderfully reliable, as compared to several other rounds I have tried and ultimately discarded due to less-than-acceptable reliability (in my guns). My initial logic in finding the Remington GS was: acceptable ballistics; decently smooth and round nose on the JHP, without protruding edges or "corners" on the lips; reliably standard length; quality components for a minimum of failures to fire. Note that CorBon, Black Hills and some others have rounds that, at least in 115gr +P guise, have "better" ballistics than the RGS, but frankly 450 ft-lbs in a 9mm carry round is plenty, assuming you can manage the kick/rise/flame/smoke and it's reliable in your gun.

    In the Browning BDM 9mm, I've tried: Remington Golden Saber JHP 115gr +P and non, Federal HydraShok JHP 115gr +P and non, CorBon JHP 115gr +P, and a few off-brands. Of all, the RGS seemed the most reliable.

    In the CZ P-01 9mm I recently purchased, during the break-in period I have tried: Remington Golden Saber JHP 115gr +P and non, Federal HydraShok JHP 115gr +P and non, CorBon JHP 115gr +P, and a few off-brands. As with the BDM, I find the RGS to be the most reliable, in terms of feeding, firing, extraction, though the CorBon seems the most accurate and is certainly more powerful.

    In a Browning HiPower 9mm that I shot about 10yrs ago in IPSC competition, I also shot the Remington Golden Saber JHP 115gr standard-pressure during the competition rounds. Only one jam of any kind, which was quickly cleared. Note that this gun was a friend's, and that the RGS rounds were not its standard "diet" of ammo. Otherwise, across a few hundred rounds, it worked very well. Over-power as compared to other competitors, but I specifically wanted to run a factory-type load, not a reload.

    Should this be helpful to you? Possibly, so long as you find this round to also work well in your gun. test, test, test.

    Best bet, if still uncertain: Go to Kahr- and Glock-specific discussion forums and find some concensus on what seems to work well on those specific guns. Be patient. The perfect round for you is out there.

    Final tip: shoot the snot out of your primary gun. It's amazing what 20-30K rounds through a firearm can do for its reliability. After enough rounds, your gun will begin to like that selected round even more. (35K+ on my old BDM; 1700 break-in on my CZ P01.)
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    Ranger 147 gr. XST. I use it now exclusively. It's a newer design of the old Black Talon, quite improved over an excellent round for its day, without the bad press legacy.

    It will expand reliably even after the 4 layer denim test, unlike some other highly regarded designs, penetrate as the heavier ones just naturally do, and it seems to function in a broad range of guns. The heavier bullet possibly adds a bit more to the recoil impulse to aid functioning in guns that need it, yet is std. pressure.

    American Eagle has an affordable 147 FMJ to practice with same weight.

    My $0.04 worth. (Does that make me an old windbag?)

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    Cool Non (+P) 9mm ammo...

    I've personally "Always" had perfect dependability w/ the various weights of "Silver-Tips" in general for all 9mm's, and my P228 for some reason prefers above all; (In the "Grouping" department) 147 Gr., Low Recoil, "Hydra-Shok's"..! When I used to have easier access to it; I REALLY liked and constantly used 147 Gr. "Sub-Sonic's" by federal. (But that was both Issue & personal ammo for "This & that.."; While in various Federal service(s)...
    As "Doc Holliday" stated above; Federal Ammo is also always a good choice... Truth be told; "Most" of the "Major/ or Higher Grade" modern ammo makers have very good offerings. (IMHO) 9mm has non-to-speak of, but for recoil sensitive people, and for really light 9mm handguns it's prbably better to stay w/ the "lighter grain bullet weights...
    I'll likely get allot of "Guff" for this; I really don't care for... No; "I don't like S&B, or Wolf ammo' in particular." I find these (2) brands to be too be far too dirty and unreliable to suit MY personal needs..! I know that I've heard folks here and elsewhere on the boards "Sing these 2 companies high praise..." That may just possibly be more along the lines of "Sub-conscious, budgetery praise..!?!" It's all about individual/ personal choices, but these 2 brands do not go through my handguns..! Don't know if this helps, but I'm certain others will "Chime-In" as time goes by!
    'Just my 'Lil .02 cents worth...
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    I have run over 1,000 rounds of Federal HST (124gr) through my Glock 26 without a single failure of any kind.

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