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Federal EFMJ ammo?

This is a discussion on Federal EFMJ ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Dave James Detriot did or still does issue it,,, but they had some problem with the ammo in a shooting, and last ...

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Thread: Federal EFMJ ammo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave James
    Detriot did or still does issue it,,, but they had some problem with the ammo in a shooting, and last I heard it was under review
    The only problem I've heard of the Detroit PD having with this round was with a head shot, .40 S&W. The bullet "bounced off."

    This smells funny. I don't believe anything happened other than the bullet hitting the skull at an angle, causing it to follow around the skull or deflect, which is definitely not unheard of.

    A link: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/4225888/detail.html

    Josh <><
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    Josh, that may be it, I know from the FOP types that they where raising a ruckus over it, but never hears an outcome

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    Talking Efmj

    Greetings all... This looks like a nice site. Glad I found it. Be sure to check out my profile.

    This round is a real "sleeper" from what I have seen. Federal is known for consistant ammo quality , and some interesting innovation. This load is both. It has produced some of the most impressive barrier results I have seen. It shoots accurate and and for a +P rather mild. Federal "plus" loadings are usually a tad slower than some others, in general, I have found.

    Anyway, it to me, is a real "wolf in sheeps clothing." I like wolves, and I like this design, too! Virtually unable NOT to expand, and still penetrates nicely. It even handles auto glass well.

    I would have no reservations carrying it at all. I may even pick more up, while the getting is good, at Ammoman. This design has been largely passed-over, and it's a loss. I hope Federal keeps it floating. It is one of the best things I have tested in over 20 years of doing just that.

    IF some agency has had a failure with it, I need to see the facts of the incident. ALL loads fail at some point, and circumstance.

    I had wondered about a ricochet, or a glancing potential problem, but what I found was that the design just opens up so fast and so easily, it seemed unlikely.

    As for "Powerball" comparisons, I guess it could be argued, but I like the EFMJ a lot more, the Federal name is as I said: "consistant" It can be as hot as the noon sun, but if it's doesn't go bang(!), you have a prob!
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    Any update review?

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    Quote Originally Posted by .XX View Post
    Any update review?
    Super old thread you are topping, but I did run a test on the 45 200 Grain +P last summer and it did well. I have some 9mm to test some time in the spring. Pocket Guns and Gear: Federal Premium 45 Auto +P 200 Grain EFMJ - Terminal test
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    Not sure if this is relevant or not, but I do keep a mag loaded withe 9mm 124gr. In NJ hallow points are a no-no, to me this ammo has similar characteristics but is not considered hallow-point so I'm legal. I would like to buy another box and a box of 45, but can not seem to find it anywhere.

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