the old 38/357 discussion - question

the old 38/357 discussion - question

This is a discussion on the old 38/357 discussion - question within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i carry a ruger sp101 - .357 3" 1. i'm all over the place with 125 golden sabers and critical defense (probably dont shoot enough) ...

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Thread: the old 38/357 discussion - question

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    the old 38/357 discussion - question

    i carry a ruger sp101 - .357 3"
    1. i'm all over the place with 125 golden sabers and critical defense (probably dont shoot enough)
    2. i shoot the speer .357 - 135gr gold dot (short barrel) quite well but am spot on with
    speer .38 +p 125 gr gold dot.
    3. so - which one or either ? - the spot on .38 +p (giving up +-50 ftlb in energy) or stay with the
    .357 - 135gr short barrel ?
    thanks - jato
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    Better to hit with a .22 than miss with a 50 caliber.

    Proper training often helps too . Welcome to the forum.
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    There is nothing to be concerned with. The 38spl has been doing the job for a long time, and doing it well. Oswald and Lennon are good examples.

    I would however go with 158 weight lswc for it's better penetrating qualities, and much cheaper to shoot, therefor more practice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    There is nothing to be concerned with. The 38spl has been doing the job for a long time, and doing it well. Oswald and Lennon are good examples.

    I would however go with 158 weight lswc for it's better penetrating qualities, and much cheaper to shoot, therefor more practice.
    Ya know, as usual, Glockman is spot on. I might eventually transition to one of my recently purchased Glocks for concealed carry once I learn to shoot them better, but for now I typically carry a j frame with 158 gr lswchp.
    .357 mag, When you care enough to send the very best!

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    The G-man knows from wence he speaks and he speaks from expierence.

    The old .38 spl. 158 grain lead semi-wadcutter hollow point will do all you need in a .38 spl.

    That said I like .357's in a .357 for me.

    As Skeeter64 says in his signature: .357 mag, when you care enough to send the very best!

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    Need I say anything at all..... Nope...... But I must... Go with the heavy stuff in the caliber you shoot the best, and you can't go wrong!

    158gr .38 special in +p, or not will do its part easily. The real question that needs to be answered is; can the shooter do theirs.
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    If the question is simply whether or not to use Speer .357 135gr, or Speer .38spl+P 135gr then I would say use the .38spl+P. To this day I have no idea why Speer makes a 135 gr .38spl that goes around 900 fps, and also makes a .357 135 gr that goes around 1000fps. They just seem awfully similar, so I would go with the one that is more controllable.

    If you want some more suggestions about good ammo, here's my .02. I have an SP and I have found that yes, full power magnums are stout, but not impossible. I very much like the Corbon 110gr .357 load. Very hot, yet noticeably less recoil. Another good load is the Corbon .38spl+P 110gr all copper Barnes.
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    I am the opposite, shoot 357 better in my colt snubbie than 38 special... I don't carry it much but when i doit is loaded w/ 357, I keep my speed loaders prepped w/ 357 but a;; my speed strips are 38+p, so I don't ever confuse them to my 38...

    I woul go w/ what you shoot the best; I know I wouldn't want to hear that 357 blst without plugs in but the power is awesome!
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    "but am spot on with
    speer .38 +p 125 gr gold dot."

    Theres your answer. Like stated above 38 has been doing the job for a long time, it's all up to the shooter to do their job.

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    Use whatever you shoot the best.

    There are lots of other .38/.357 loads available. Give the 158s a try
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    welcome to the site

    as others have said.....practice practice practice
    try different the 158's
    I have tried Winchester 125gr+P, WWB .38 practice ammo, monarch 158gr LSWC, and several others in my 642 and they all shoot well
    I haven't tried very many types/brands in my GP100..............yet
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    I have several .357's on hand and have always had some but the .38 Special has seen far more actual field use in serving my needs. In actually shooting varmints and critters the .38 Special is quite effective and "does the business" with any sort of good hit. This includes its use with more mundane standard loadings instead of the specialized "performance" loads. I'll venture to say that, in application, the difference between the .38 Special and the .357 Magnum is much less than most suppose.
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    A great resource on payload comparison of 357 versus 38 (about 200 fps difference between the calibers out of a snubby) from Stephen Camp - one of the most knowledgeable people that ever made a post on the web about firearms.

    38 vs 357

    I like my 158 gr 357 mag loads from Doubletap, but if you can't handle the load, use what you can hit with... Nothing wrong with 38+p... Bear in mind, if your first round is spot on, the follow up may be unnecessary.
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    I also have a 3 inch SP101 mostly carry it when hunting & use .357 mag hydra-shocks--when I carry it in town I load it with + p .38 specials 158 grain LSWHP from Buffalo Bore.
    Quicker follow up shots less muzzle blast & less chance of over penatration
    and the little Ruger shoots it well thats why I like the + p Buffalo Bore round.

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    Choose the caliber where you have better accuracy and recoil control. If you can't hit the side of a barn with a .357 Magnum at the range, chances are that under stress the end result will be worse. Therefore, I suggest that you stick to .38 Special. It is better to have 2 well placed shots with .38 Special, than a bunch of misses with your .357 Magnum. Nonetheless, try to work on your accuracy with .357 Magnum before making the decision. Perhaps you need to do more dry firing, fix your grip or work on your trigger pull. Give it a last shot with the .357, but if it doesn't work, then you will be in good hands with the .38 Special.
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