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Corbon 9mm JHP +P: shorter than other 9mm brands?

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Thread: Corbon 9mm JHP +P: shorter than other 9mm brands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeamCorbon View Post
    Can you please get me the lot # from the PowRball that you had the problems with? We haven't heard of this before with any of the PowRball loads. They were designed to feed like hardball.

    Each box of Pow'r Ball 9mm 100gr +P is as follows: Part# PB09100/20, Lot# 20061201 (imprinted inside the box flap on one end). I've still got three boxes of the Pow'r Ball left. The boxes for the couple of batches I shot have since been discarded, but I'm pretty sure the lot numbers were the same as above. Hadn't been keeping written track of the PN/Lot combinations of my ammo until just this past month.

    Love the rounds, and I've had good success in some other pistols. But, neither the Pow'r Ball nor the standard JHP will feed worth a darn in my two current 9mm pistols (CZ P01 and Browning BDM). I'm guessing, but it seems the main difference is the overall length, as compared to other ammo. The photo above and in the link below show the comparative lengths of the ammo I've been using.

    I'll also send you an email to confirm.

    BTW, I also took a photo of the relative lengths of the Pow'r Ball vs Remington/UMC vs Federal HST, during a range session on Oct 21.

    In that range session, I also shot several hundred of the DoubleTap +P rounds in 115gr, 124gr and 147gr. They were noticeably smoother cycling through the CZ P01. Very smooth. Given the recent trigger/action work I'd had on the P01, it's now possible to feel the relative "grittiness" or smoothness of a given round, strange though that seems. By far, the DoubleTap rounds were the smoothest I have run through this gun ... and I've put more than a dozen various rounds through it, while testing its tolerance for different loads.

    Again, it's only my theory that the overall length is the main contributing factor with the jams. I don't really know for certain. But the same issues occur when shooting the same rounds in my Browning BDM. The shorter rounds have far greater problems, whereas the longest rounds (DT, Federal HST) have practically zero issues. In the CZ P01, I've shot the CorBon JHP's both prior to and following the work, and the Pow'r Balls after the work. Same issues.

    Interestingly, in a KelTec P3AT, I've had excellent success with the Federal Premium Personal Defense JHP, and the Remington/UMC FMJ. However, the MagTech Guardian Gold JHP's are too long in the P3AT, such that they won't budge at all in the magazines. The MagTechs won't feed even one round. Another interesting example of relative length playing a role, so far as I can tell.

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