A look at some .357 SIG loads.

A look at some .357 SIG loads.

This is a discussion on A look at some .357 SIG loads. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I hope this doesn't get moved to caliber corner, as it's intended for .357 Glockers and others who adore the round. An assortment of .357 ...

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Thread: A look at some .357 SIG loads.

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    A look at some .357 SIG loads.

    I hope this doesn't get moved to caliber corner,
    as it's intended for .357 Glockers and others who adore the round.

    An assortment of .357 SIG loads from Mike at Double Tap Ammo-
    arrived over the weekend.

    While I do plan to test them next week, I thought some photos were in order.

    I can only post 6 images, so i hope you like what you see.

    To begin with:

    The classic 125 gr JHP as loaded by DT with the Sierra bullet@ 1,450 fps
    from a 4.5 inch barrel.

    I believe this is the same bullet and velocity in Cor-Bon 125s, and the
    125 gr. weight is the gold standard of measurement for stopping power with the .357 SIG.

    Larger Pic:http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/b...-357-LONGH.jpg
    Next up- we have the 115 grain Barnes TAC-XP as loaded by DT@1,450 fps.

    Same weight and bullet used in the street and cww proven Cor-Bon DPX.

    The newest Double Tap TAC-XP load is the 80 grain Barnes X bullet at a smoking 1,600 fps in 3.5" barrel ,
    and screaming azz 1755 fps for the 4.5 inch barrel

    I carry the TAC-XP lightweights in both .38+P and .380 and like what I've seen so far. Mild recoil with superb accuracy.

    Lastly, the is the 147 grain FMJ-Flat Point load.

    This is moslty intended for practice, but would be good for someone looking for deep penetration from the 9mm or .357 SIG.

    There are some people who workship 147 gr. loads, but I'm not one of them
    quite yet, even though I've only trusted the Double Tap 147 gr. +P load
    in 9mm to carry for protection.

    Velocity is listed for the .357 SIG FMJ-FP load is:

    3.5" barrel - 1213fps / 480 ft/lbs
    4.0" barrel - 1255fps / 514 ft/lbs
    4.5" barrel - 1296fps / 550 ft/lbs

    Quite a step over the subsonic 9mm for sure!

    I think that once a person decides to buy Double Tap,
    they will have quite a dilema:

    The tried and true/very traditional JHPs or the newer technology TAC-XP?

    I think both decisions would be winners!

    Please visit my photo albums for more pics, and
    Double Tap Ammo for more information.
    DOUBLE TAP 357 SIG pictures by czrami - Photobucket
    DoubleTap Ammunition
    FB: CZ 2075 RAMI Owners USA

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    Great post.....I'm a Firm Believer in DT ammo.....use it in all my carry pistols. I've chronoed the 125s at just over 1400fps in both my p239 & p229..........Awesome, consistent, and Extemely Accurate!
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    I am also one that has fallen for the .357sig. Its a great round. A 125gr 9mm at 1450 is awesome. And 147gr at 1225 is also awesome.
    I have a .357sig barrel that I carry in my G23 almost always instead of the .40. I have just grown to like it better than the .40
    You could say that I'm one of the ones that prefer 147gr. And carry these
    Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Ammunition :: Handgun :: Choose by Caliber :: 357 Sig :: 357 Sig 147 gr XTP®
    most of the time. When I carry 125gr, it's DT. Good ammo!
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    Shouldn't that be 357Siggers?

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