A while back I had the opportunity to get hold of some Remington 40 S&W JHP Border Patrol ammo IIRC was 165 grn,they shoot the same stuff for practice that they carry from my understanding.I gotta say that whatever Remington is loading for them it's a handfull,I never chronographed it,but compared to my 165 grn HST the recoil and muzzle blast was definitely more noticeable,in fact after I shot the first round I remarked to the guy I got it from,Dang that's some hot stuff.
The reason It came back to mind was the other day I was at the range watching an IPSC shoot,one of the guys shooting was shooting some pretty good loads from the report,after he shot the course somebody said are you shooting some of that Border Patrol stuff,he smiled and nodded his head.I'm sure my buddy has a few cases stashed somewhere that I might be able to talk him out of a few boxes to carry in my Sig 229 for Winter