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how long does ammo last????

This is a discussion on how long does ammo last???? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by defensive007 wow maybe i will buy that 50% off....i believe its all true just saying because in my CWP class the instructor ...

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Thread: how long does ammo last????

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    Quote Originally Posted by defensive007 View Post
    wow maybe i will buy that 50% off....i believe its all true just saying because in my CWP class the instructor said even humidity may deactivate the primer (ots of it)
    Your instructor' IMHO, doesn't know what he is talking about. Be careful what you believe from instructors; I've seen more than one full of mis-information, some of it they made up.
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    I recently shot up the last few rounds of my military .30-06 ammo. Don't know when it was produced, but one can surmise it was 50+ years old at best. It was stored inside the house for all that time. Every round went boom, but most had split necks afterwards, so apparantly the primers and powder hold up better than the brass.

    Primers and bullets are tight fits in the brass, and unless you're planning on storing your ammo submerged, don't bother with sealing. The stuff lasts forever with reasonable care. Corrosion is the most common culprit.
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    As far as oils damaging primers, check out this extreme test:

    The Box O' Truth #39 - Oil Vs. Primers - Page 1

    He soaks the primers of loaded ammo in oil for 5 weeks, then shoots them.

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    Just don't clean and use WD-40 on any ammo as it is a migrating oil that will kill primers. I have and shoot 38 spl ammo I loaded 40 years ago in a single stage press. I now have a set of twin Dillon SDB's and all is well in the world.
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    What everyone else has told you is spot on.

    I can add only what I do, and I would not say it's a "have to " at all. "IF" it's ammo I've been carrying in the gun ... in / out of cars, heat, cool, wet / dry, etc. When I go to the range I shoot what's in the gun, then shoot my practice ammo, and then put in new SD ammo in the gun after I clean the gun. Some guns, that I'm not carrying and don't shoot for longer periods, I will do the same thing as well. That is more because it's been cycled in / out of the gun a few times rather than age.
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    hey ya think it was substandard wartime rounds spliting the necks ?? or does brass age harden ?? I know aluminum does...Ive annealed 338 winchester in the process of making 30/338 (308norma)standim in a pieplate of water..get the shoulder cherry then tippem over to qwench in the pie 3 or 4 rounds every year through my longgun. ammo was.manufactured 1976..they have sealant at crimp/primer...and amazing 180 gr bullets with little yellow round soft ballistic tips.....when Im done I'm checkin the bases by the magnum belt for cracks..inside the case....all the ammo I rollup as warheads I seal....lot mark them with sharpie dots on the case sides....

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    Don't mean to hijack the thread but I was told by my buddy, an ex cop in Puerto Rico that the ammo thats been confiscated by the PR police gets thrown in the ocean. I don't know if they still do this, I think it's an unsafe practice (lead) but I'm almost sure the salt water would corrode'em.
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    I remember, (and I think it was on this forum) a story of a guy that shot an intruder with a .38 that he had in his nightstand with the same ammo he loaded the gun with 30 or so years earlier. Worked for him. As far as how long it lasts, I'm not sure but I would guess the stuff from WWII will still go off if it was stored reasonably. I cycle my carry ammo depending on how much I shoot, not based on age of ammo.
    I opened up a spam can of 45 acp ammo and shot it and then started freaking out cuz I didn't know if it was corrosive so I started researching it. it was packed in cardboard boxes and dipped in wax in 1942. but in the south pacific the wax melted and got all over the bullets and gummed up the insides of the guns so in 1943 they repacked it in unwaxed carboard boxes and sealed in 600 round spam cans. 200 rounds in I didn't have a single FTF or FTE, dirtiest ammo I ever shot but it got the job done. then I started researching and found that I got about $2000 worth of collectable ammo for little over 300...think I'll sell it and get me a bunch of blazer brass
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