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CCI Stingers Cost Twice As Much As Mini Mags. Is It Worth It?

This is a discussion on CCI Stingers Cost Twice As Much As Mini Mags. Is It Worth It? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I like remington subsonics , they are pretty accurate, great on woodchucks. Just saying......

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Thread: CCI Stingers Cost Twice As Much As Mini Mags. Is It Worth It?

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    I like remington subsonics , they are pretty accurate, great on woodchucks. Just saying...
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    I would see what your rifle likes. Most 22s have a preferance for one type or another. For practice and maybe even hunting you might be fine with the bulk packs. CCIs are popular because they tend to work well in a variety of guns. For SHTF or self defense I would stick to the higher end (non bulk) stuff just so long as it is reliable in your rifle. I would suggest buying 6-8 or even 10 different brands/types of 22 ammo and see what your gun likes. It's fun and will give you options if your preferred brand is not available. For example my 597 shoots most things well but really excels with the (expensive) Ely match or cci green tag but the shooter often can't see the difference without a rock steady rest. So I hunt with the Federal Auto match or mini mags and practice with the bulk stuff. One more example; my friend has one rifle can hit a quarter 9 out of 10 times (at 75 yards) with mini mags and about 4 out of 10 with Remingtion golden while his sons rifle shoots just the opposite. Find something that works well and start to save a few hundred/thousand rounds and have some fun.

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    To me its all down to shot placement, sooooooooooo, I would go with the heavier bullet to get more penetration to vital organs. JMHO.

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    In my experience Stingers have always been quite pricey; at one time almost the same price as 9mm, or perhaps even
    more than 9mm a few years back when you could still buy 9 mm for under 5 bucks if you got lucky.
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    I carry a .22 at times and consider it a great SD gun. Sure you lack firepower but ammo is cheap enough to practice with you can learn to shoot a matchstick in two.

    SD - use Stingers
    Varmint - Mini Mags
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    In my 10/22, Mini Mags are the most accurate ammo I have used.

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    Re: CCI Stingers Cost Twice As Much As Mini Mags. Is It Worth It?

    I have put a little over 1000 varied rounds through my SR22. The stingers for me were no more accurate, and maybe even less so than the mini mags. They were fun to shoot though.

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    Yeah I've gone to great lengths testing all types of cheap, medium and expensive 22LR ammo. Stingers? too hot and they really are not super accurate in my tests. The minimag seems to be one of the very best overall in price, availability, accuracy and feeding. Remington golden bullet is my second choice. Had more issues with the white box federals and others. None of the specialized quiet, automatic, competition geared 220s delivered anything special for me and many had feeding issues in about half the guns. The big mistake is not storing these in air tight ammo cans. If you even oil your gun too much and leave it loaded most 22LR will allow ridiculously small amounts of oil and moisture into the round through the crimp and ruin the load. You pick up the gun and bang-bang-sputter-bang. Try leaving some brand new 22 in your car for a month then look at the tarnish and count the issues you have. By the way there are two others to mention. I shot some English competition brand I can't remember the name of. That ammo fed okay but was only $3 a box (6 bucks per 100) and remarkably accurate. Also the Aguila Calibri ammo can be fired in revolvers and lever guns like the little henry 22 and have no gun powder but just the primer sends the round at 600fps in my snubbie22 using a chrono to measure. When you shoot that ammo in a rifle it sounds like a BB gun. You could hunt in a survival mode without giving up your position. We use it to practice drills without ear plugs so we can talk to each other. Hope you are able to test and find the best for you. Good LUCK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by g26az View Post
    Back in the early 80's, I bought a box to try out. Shot a small jackrabbit with one from a Ruger 10/22, and it blew him into two, and nearly three pieces. Figured they had just a little too much expansion for small game hunting. As for SD, the only handgun that I moght possibly use in that role is a NAA mini-revolver that I carry when I'm not carring a gun. Not sure how it would work out of that short of a barrel, though.
    come on now, I have hunted with stingers on small game for years and although they do perform great but they don't blow things apart. I have hunted rabbit and squirrel for many years with them out of a pistol and a 10/22.
    they drop game faster than any 22 lr I ever used, often blowing guts or brains out the other side.

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