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40 or 45?????

This is a discussion on 40 or 45????? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have both the G27 and the G36. I like them both (but still EDC my SW 3913). I really like the 40 cal though...jmo....

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Thread: 40 or 45?????

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    I have both the G27 and the G36. I like them both (but still EDC my SW 3913). I really like the 40 cal though...jmo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    Incapacitation isn't defined/achieved by caliber/cartridge.

    You're looking at the problem from the wrong end. Incapacitation happens when you shut down the body's CNS, or major organs (although the latter may not product immediate incapacitation).

    Put the bullet in the appropriate place, that's it.

    I agree in principle; there is no doubt in my mind that shot placement is the most essential element of effective firearm use. But I'm willing to bet your carry weapon is not chambered for the venerable .22 LR. The difference between a .40 and a .45 might be slight, but I would not go so far as to say caliber and cartridge are irrelevant.

    I'm more familiar with the .45 and, for that reason alone, prefer the .45 ACP.

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    Colt Gov't Model 1911...... .45ACP Cal.

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    Neither and both.

    Either one will do just fine if you are practiced and hit the target. They will both be just fine. Pick the one you like, the one you are comfortable with, and the one you SHOOT a LOT. Personally, I like the .45 better and don't like the sharp recoil I found on the .40. On the other hand, the Commander has a much sharper recoil than the full size 1911 and isn't really all that much fun. Much more like a .40.

    Pick the combination that works for you, so that IF you ever have to draw to save your life it is a reflex without any surprises that might make you pause before pulling the trigger the second or third time or that might delay your return to target.
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    Buy both (or all three since someone threw in the 9mm) shoot a few hundred rounds out of each, keep the one you like/performs best and sell the other two for a slight loss or break even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyGun4169 View Post
    The 45 has the edge in power especially in the 185 gr and 200 gr +P's ! A 185 gr +P puts out 534 ft-lbs of energy compared to 489 of a 155 gr 40 S&W.
    There's 200 and 230 grainer +P's that put out 500 + energy ! Magtech Gaurdian Gold 230 gr +P puts out 518 ft-lbs of energy. That's a big heavy bullet putting out 518 lbs of torque ! That will knock someone through a wall, or at least make them feel like they hit a wall ! Big bullets do throw more momentum than small bullets.
    There are nice 40 loads too like Hornady Critical Defense 165 gr load which puts out 500 ft-lbs of energy ! Either one is good but if your going for distance go with the 40.
    If you really want distance and energy go with the 357 Sig round. In the better loads like Corbon they mimic 357 Mag performance.
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    There is no major diference between the 2.

    Personally I think the 10mm and the .357sig are the 2 best calibers out there.
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    Can't go wrong with either.

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    after reading all these...I had to post.....

    I have all 3 calibers...
    .40-glock 23/taurus 24/7 pro ds
    .45-taurus 24/7/colt 1911 combat commander
    .357 colt python...

    .357 colt python ....the nice thing about a wheel gun is nothing to jam..bad thing is only 6rnds..good thing is the only thing that can be identified by the bad guy is all he'd see is a barrel with feet!!!!
    1911 colt combat commander...heavy...recoil is nice and manageble and like any former military...very familiar...but a bit heavy...
    taurus....45acp...nice shooting...packs more ammo than the 1911CC..but weighs slightly lighter due to the polimer lower....
    .40 glock 23...(I carry this one)....13 rnds..1 in the pipe....safe action..lighter than a 1911 cc by a few ounces (aka doesn't pull your pants down)..
    dead nuts accurate out of the box...I asked a buddy of mine, who is a cop..what caliber to carry...... .40 cal. s/w was his answer...more ammo ..same ballistics basically as a .45acp rnd..
    taurus .40 24/7 DS pro...danged fun to shoot...carries a mess of ammo......15 rnds 1 in the pipe...
    if the op has fired weapons before....then he's familiar with the ballistic's....a good hollow point in a .22lr close range is deadly....so..one other thing to think about...what is the most common weapon cops carry???...yep..glock .40 cal.s/w...more carrying ammo per magazine....

    as one might know...(or maybe not)....during a stressful situation....you may not be able to fire and hit the target on the first few rnds deployed....

    so...the more the merrier in my book....but thats just my theory.....
    I often wonder what scenario might happen if I had to deploy the weapon and engage a target........would I be positive the need is there...I do know that if I am going to deploy my side arm...I am going to use it.......

    but....that's just me...


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    .40 S&W is the most popular among LE because it does well through barriers and has similar capacity to 9mm. That's pretty much it.
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    I have both and prefer 45, that being said 40 carry guns tend to be smaller and carry more rounds so I see why people tend to carry 40.
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