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Can anyone recommend a good .380 round for carry?

This is a discussion on Can anyone recommend a good .380 round for carry? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by torrejon224 I use CorBon PowerBall in my P3at and it works like a charm! +1 on the Powerballs....

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Thread: Can anyone recommend a good .380 round for carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by torrejon224 View Post
    I use CorBon PowerBall in my P3at and it works like a charm!
    +1 on the Powerballs.

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    the Speer Golddot ammo is a fine choice in any caliber....
    expands consistently and burns clean....
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    Corbon Prball or Corbon DPX, both are great rounds. If you want good expansion as well as good penetration just interleave (JHP,JHP,FMJ) in that order and train with that shot group. Santa Barbara, if you can still find it, is a great hot FMJ, if not I believe that Stars&Stripes ammo has TMJ that is a bit on the hi side. I'm new to all this computer stuff but let me try to post this link.
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    The pow'rball is a good choice, I use mountaineer custom cartridge rounds in my bersa .380. They use the hornaday xtp bullet which is an awesome penetrator - really accurate too.

    Check it out-

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    I usually don't carry my 380 PPK but when I do I go with ball. I'm concerned with lack of penetration and lack of mushrooming of JHP rounds in many of the tests I've read. I don't trust the one shot stop data, and the manufacturer's claims. Also if I carry the .380 it's in the summer when the BG is less likely to be wearing heavy clothing.

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    [QUOTE=GoodSamaritan;177504]I tried searching but the search feature doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

    I am sorry if this has been covered before.

    At any rate, I have settled on a new carry weapon in .380. (no caliber wars please)

    I use either Corbon DPX or Magtech First Defense, in my Bersa .380.

    From everything I have read they both seem to have good penetration and good expansion for a .380. They don't separate like some of the jacketed hollow points out there, and loose bullet weight.

    I will be doing some actual tests on the Magtech within the next couple of weeks and if your interested will post some pictures of the bullets after shooting into a wet pack or bottled water.

    Both rounds feed well in my Bersa. I am currently looking for a solid copper hollow point to reload, but haven't found any yet.
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    Thanks for the replys everyone.

    I definately see some patterns forming here.

    Farronwolf, welcome to the site. As for your testing, by all means, please post the pics. At the very least drop me a line and let me know how it turns out.


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