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This is a discussion on Customer Review within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Disclaimer: I have no connection with, nor anyone that works there. I'm just a satisfied customer. I got a phone call this Tuesday afternoon ...

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Thread: Customer Review

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    Thumbs up Customer Review

    Disclaimer: I have no connection with, nor anyone that works there. I'm just a satisfied customer.

    I got a phone call this Tuesday afternoon (12/20/11) saying that my Mosin-Nagant was in (Sooner than I expected) so I went ahead and researched all the ammo sites I could find. I used the ammo comparison engines and a little research and found the best price (base, tax, shipping, etc) for 7.62x54R was with I had never heard of them (been on a budget issue this year) before, but I went ahead and placed an order. Last night (12/22/11), UPS dropped off my 440 count spam can just 2 days after I ordered. I didn't upgrade the shipping or anything. Heck, I don't recall it being an option.

    Their e-mail says they're based out of Oklahoma, which is pretty close to me here in Texas.

    Anyways, just thought I'd let y'all know that if you need ammo, check these guys out. Cheapest I could find and incredibly quick. I can't rate their customer service since I didn't have any issues. As long as their prices remain low, I will be using them again.

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    They are great. Their price for the 7.62x54r is the best I have found. It gets better if you buy it by the case, (880 rnds). I shoot it in my PSL as well as the Mosin Nagant. Very fast shipping and good communication.
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    +1 to that!
    I found Speer/CCI Lawman TMJ 9mm for less than $10 per 50 round box!! Even with postage it came to less than $0.22 per round (for 1000 rounds at that price) shipped from OK to FL.
    AND it arrived on time. You can bet that I'm going to check their site again when I need ammo -- cheaper than Wal-Mart!!
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    Thumbs up

    Good response time. I like the way they package their ammo for shipping and prices are fair.

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    Good folks. He comes to the gun shows here everytime there is one. Have asked him a couple of times if he could get this or that ammo, and he said "he doubted it but would try", next thing I knew he had that ammo and let me know. Great delivery when you order from them. A++++ as far as I'm concerned.
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    +1 from me as well. SGAmmo answered all of my questions quickly, even to the point of losing out on a sale. On the purchase I did make, the price and shipping time were great. Will be buying from them again.
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    They been my supplier for ± 2 years now and better service than our LGSs!

    Their CS is some of the best in the Business!

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    Even living in OK and paying sales tax, I have found their prices very hard to beat! In fact, my last 2 ammo orders have been through them because they were the best priced I could find. Needless to say I received my orders *very* quickly.
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    Ordered a couple 200-rd packs of 7.62X51 OTM from them. Unlike a lot of online sellers, they didn't cover the ammo boxes in stupid stickers. Shipping was reasonable, the price of the ammo was low, and I got it quickly. I won't hesitate to buy from them again.

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    I've bought from them many times over the past 2 years. Good service and good prices. Just ordered a bunch of Speer Lawman and Ranger T's today and got an email saying to expect it Wednesday here in Fla.

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    Great people to work with. I have not had any issues with them and have bought from them the last couple of years. Some of the best prices on the net.

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    Great company. I ordered 250 rounds 9mm 147 gr. HST's and it was at my house in 3 days. Also like the way it's packaged for shipping.
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    Thumbs down SGAmmo review

    Even though, I did buy a lot of ammunition from SGAmmo and they price are the best, but you have no customer service, no customer support, nobody responding to your emails and if you willing to criticize them, they are not going to post your review on they web page. Recently, I bought defective .45 bulk of ammunition, and this is not $20. Nobody willing even talk to you. You may keep defective Wolf .45 and may be exchange for eggs in the future. Every third one are jammed . and this is brand new K&H USP.45 Expert. Which is working right out of the box. Alright , Thank you SGAmmo. You just earn another $300.00 on deffective ammo.

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    I think you're the first negative review I've seen about them and my experience with them vastly differs from yours. Why are you concerned about what reviews they post on their page? It's done at random and of course they won't put a negative review on their front page, but what company would? What exactly was defective about the ammunition? Coming here and just saying "SGAmmo sucks" isn't really going to do you any good. Jammed doesn't say a lot, how many rounds did you fire? Did you try any other ammo? Was it this stuff? 50 Round Box - .45 Auto 185 Grain Copper SJHP Hollow Point Wolf Gold Ammo by Prvi Partizan |

    I've gotten replies back from them within the same day, almost every single time I've sent them an email.

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    SGAmmo is No.1 for me. I have been getting my carry ammo from them for the last five years at lease maybe longer.
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