Ammo: Reliability rankings

Ammo: Reliability rankings

This is a discussion on Ammo: Reliability rankings within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Reliability Poll -- based on relative feed/eject/cycling reliability of various semi-auto pistol rounds. All things being equal, which caliber of semi-auto pistol ammunition do you ...

View Poll Results: Ammo Reliability: Pick the most-reliable round (ignoring ballistics)

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  • .32

    0 0%
  • .380

    0 0%
  • 9mm

    25 39.68%
  • .357sig

    6 9.52%
  • 40cal

    3 4.76%
  • 10mm

    1 1.59%
  • 45cal

    23 36.51%
  • None, as semi-auto rounds are inherently unreliable

    5 7.94%
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Thread: Ammo: Reliability rankings

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    Ammo: Reliability rankings

    Reliability Poll -- based on relative feed/eject/cycling reliability of various semi-auto pistol rounds.

    All things being equal, which caliber of semi-auto pistol ammunition do you feel is the most reliable in a carry gun, strictly from the standpoint of feed/eject/cycling reliability? For the purposes of this poll, please, please, please ... ignore ballistics. This is a poll about reliability only.
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    From my experience I'd not really differentiate between 9 and 45 for feed reliability - just happens 9mm is my carry cal.

    In fact most in the right platform will be pretty good - except I consider the problem area can be the small cals - .25, 32, and 380. Overall I'd expect more potential feed/reliability hassles down that end.
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    More likely the gun

    I would imagine that the gun itself is a much bigger factor than the round, to the point that the caliber of the round becomes statistically inconsequential when compared to the gun.

    That said, you would think short and fat would feed better than long and thin. Also, the 357 Sig round is supposed to be very reliable due to its shape, but I have no firsthand experience of this round.

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    fragman is correct. the .357 auto is known for reliable feeding due to its bottleneck design. that said, any of the calibers should offer reliability in a properly working firearm.

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    I went for 45. It is so reliable that many revolvers are chambered for it. since you didn't say 45acp (I asumed that is what was meant)

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    never had a caliber gun that was not reliable in feeding. (other than .22 LR)
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    corbon power balls in any cartridge.

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    I went with .357 Sig for two reasons. As mentioned above the fact that you are putting a .357 caliber bullet into a .40 cal. hole has to be a good thing. Secondly, the .357 Sig generates enough pressure to effectively cycle the slide to say the least. I never had any malfunctions with mine.

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    A full house 10mm sure makes the gun recycle, but have had some reliability problems with the hard cast solid lead bullets in 10mm (since solved with stronger 21lb. Wolf springs).
    I'd have to go with the 45 (acp) especially in a decent 1911 for being most reliable. jagged hole!

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