I have a 686 plus (2.5" barrel) that I carry from time to time when weather/dress code permits, its also used for home defense too. I keep the Federal Premium Personal Defense 130gr hydra-shock ammo in it, I was wondering since this is a larger/heavier revolver & I'm not recoil shy if I should be using something different for better performance/penetration? I was thinking maybe something in the weight range of 140gr to 160gr for personal defense just incase god forbid I have to use it in self defense against a intruder in my home ( I'm not too worried about over penetration in my case)
I also want to ask about " woods " ammo for protection against black bears in the 300lb range and under. Should I stick with the 140/160gr weight range in order to keep the velocity up since its only a 2.5" barrel, or should I go with something in the 180gr weight range to achieve maximum penetration and not worry about the short barrel length inhibiting the velocity?
Any insight into the above questions would be appreciated