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How many rounds before you TRUST

This is a discussion on How many rounds before you TRUST within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by frankmako i run the cheap ammo in the gun for break in, approximately 500 to 600 rounds. then i will clean the ...

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Thread: How many rounds before you TRUST

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    I Go With Frankmako...

    Quote Originally Posted by frankmako View Post
    i run the cheap ammo in the gun for break in, approximately 500 to 600 rounds. then i will clean the gun and then i will run two full mags of carry ammo in the gun. then i will clean the gun and will again run two full mags of carry ammo. i will repeat this several times. if a gun will shoot two mags with out any problems then it is ready to carry. most gun fights will only be several rounds and you will not reload. you can tell in the first mag if the gun is up for the carry role. most guns can be make to work, no matter... and some guns you are just killing time.
    First, I only buy new guns! I try to run 200-300 through any weapon on two different trips to the before the first and each time after. If I have 400-500 through with no problems after the first 50-100, I'm comfortable. I then try to shoot at least 100 of what ever I will be using for a self-defense round.

    Evaluation continues with monthly trips (at a minimum) with the 3-4 guns I carry (for different purposes)...might only involve a couple of mags worth for each... Except for my Kimber Ultra, I love shooting that rascal!

    For the few I didn't get the results I want?...gone!

    OMO...your opinion may vary...

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    Everything has a failure rate. Be it a gun, Ammo, your car, etc. Rates are usually measured in number of failures per hundred, thousand, million, etc.

    The problem is that you can run a thousand rounds of a particular brand of ammo through a gun with no problem. You then deem that ammo as "reliable" and start carrying it. What if the first round you try to fire after that is the one in ten thousand?

    I don't worry as much about the ammo. I worry more about keeping my guns properly maintained and functional. Good reliable ammo is just that, reliable. For the time you encounter a failure, just make sure that you remember all the appropriate "failure proceedures".
    ""If I shoot all the ammo I am carrying, I either won't need more or, more won't help me.""

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