testing carry ammo

Testing carry ammo

This is a discussion on Testing carry ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many rounds of defensive ammo do you folks run through your carry guns before you deem that ammo fit for duty? How many malfunctions ...

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Thread: testing carry ammo

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    testing carry ammo

    How many rounds of defensive ammo do you folks run through your carry guns before you deem that ammo fit for duty? How many malfunctions (if any) would you allow during the ammo test? Right now I carry Hornady Critical Defense in my Glock 23, my wifes G19 is loaded with the 147 grain hydra shok. Both those guns have fired about 200 rounds of their ammo with no failures, but we are thinking about trying something new. She likes the 124 +p Gold dot and Im looking into the ranger t. The winchester is fairly cheap but those Gold dots are really pricey. I know you cant cheap out on stuff like this, but if I set my ammo test at 300 rounds, and i get a double feed on the last mag out of 300, should I really scrap the load and find something else for the gun?
    Also, would you recommend firing the whole test batch in one session? Or would you split it up between two or three trips to the range?
    What do you guys think?

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    Considering you're talking Glocks, I'd be very comfortable getting through a couple hundred rounds with no issues that the load worked in my gun. I've tried various loads, everything from Hornandy to Wolf with never a FTF or stovepipe in my G17.

    I'm not the type that needs to run thousands of rounds through my weapon to 'prove' a load is compatible. If it doesn't rear its ugly head in a box or two then in my book it's pretty good match.
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    I'm good after a 150 rounds or so.
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    Couple of magazines works for me.
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    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo

    Thoughts on Service Pistols, along with Duty and Self-Defense Ammo Recommendations - M4Carbine.net Forums

    I generally find Gold Dot's to cost less than Ranger T, however I'll carry either as they are both excellent performers.
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    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammunition

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    A few mags should does it for me. But, here's a good thing to do if you feel you have a magic number to reach before it is good, and it will save money.

    Load 1 mag of your chosen carry load. Fire 3 shots for grouping and poa/poi. Then load it with nothing but practice ammo. Fire any number of rounds that give you comfort.

    Last load another mag of the chosen carry load in the weapon which should now be dirty. Fire this mag as you normally would, mixing some rapid double taps in the volley.

    If it works, you can feel reasonably confident that your chosen carry load works just fine without spending a small fortune to fire all of those high dollar rounds thru it.
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    ^^^^^Great idea^^^^^

    Will definitely do this if I decide to switch SD ammo.
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    What ever you decide on number, I'd recommend loading the magazines you plan to carry and to the number of rounds you plan to carry IE full mag plus 1 chambered or mag down one with one chambered etc. That will help eliminate the occasional problems with the full mag and +1 that seems to pop up with some ammo and mag combinations.

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