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I did not believe it myself, Hornady has some new 22LR mag. You should be able to find a few published results. Problem is the pistol (Kel Tec ) is deep in back orders. If I come accross it I will post it.
I guess you mean the V-Max(?)

Keep in mind that their ballistics figures (2200 fps) are based on a rifle barrel (24"?). Out of a pistol, they'd do well to make 1500, and it's only a 30gr. bullet. Still comes up way short of half the energy of a 5.7. Don't get me wrong - I think .22 Mags are cool, but they're really not in the same league as a 5.7.

I saw where there's an Argentine submachine gun that shoots .22WMR. I would NOT want to be on the receiving end of that! Bet it's got a blistering rate of fire!

I'll stick with 9mm, .40, and .45 for a primary defensive pistol, but have to admit, the PMR would be a fun gun to have. The NAA .22 Mag mini-revolver beats throwing rocks!